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Are you traveling to Paris this summer to cheer on the athletes at the Olympic and Paralympic Games?

The 2024 Olympic Games in Paris promise to be a spectacular event that will attract thousands of sports fans from all over the world. The Dutch organization expects that more than 100.000 Dutch people will find their way to the French capital to participate in this global sporting event. However, the dream of attending the Games comes with a significant financial commitment. Costs for tickets and accommodation are skyrocketing, making the experience out of reach for many.

A ticket for a swimming semi-final varies between 125 and 980 euros, while a good seat for the athletics finals costs as much as 690 euros per person. These awards are just the beginning of the financial challenge. The costs of a hotel stay in Paris during the Games have also skyrocketed. While hotel rooms are normally pricey, the rates for July and August 2024 are three to five times higher than usual. For example, amounts between 1500 and 2500 euros for three nights are no longer unusual. This makes it difficult for many fans to find affordable accommodation.


Given the high prices in Paris, it is advisable to consider alternative places to stay. Lille, a city just over an hour away by train from Paris, offers an attractive option. From Lille Flandres station you can travel directly to the Gare du Nord in Paris with the TGV INOUI. The cost of a train journey varies, but it is possible to find tickets for as little as 20 euros if you reserve in time. In addition, TGV INOUI first class offers extra comfort with more legroom and wider seats, making the journey more pleasant.

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Lille not only offers affordable accommodation, but also has a rich culinary scene. The French border town is known for its excellent restaurants and bistros, where you can enjoy delicious local cuisine at a fraction of the price you would pay in Paris. This makes Lille an attractive destination for those who want to attend the Olympic Games without spending a fortune on accommodation and meals.

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Another advantage of staying overnight in Lille is the accessibility of Paris by public transport. During the Games, the French capital is expected to be overcrowded, and the use of cars is strongly discouraged. The city is investing heavily in public transport, with an extensive metro and bicycle system that will be the main transport options. Planning your trip by train from Lille ensures a stress-free experience, avoiding the crowds and traffic problems in Paris.

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In addition to the practical benefits, Lille also offers a charming area to explore. The city has a rich history, beautiful architecture and plenty cultural sights. Whether you want to discover the historic city center, visit museums or simply enjoy the local atmosphere, Lille offers something for everyone. It is the perfect base to combine the magic of the Olympic Games with a relaxing stay in an atmospheric French city.

For those determined to attend the Paris Olympics, it's crucial to start planning early. Booking tickets and accommodation well in advance can help save costs and avoid disappointment. Flexibility in travel dates can also help you find the best deals. By choosing Lille as a base, sports enthusiasts can enjoy an affordable and comfortable experience, while still being part of one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

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