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Repeated window damage on BMW vehicles raises the question of whether these incidents are merely a coincidence or indicate a deeper problem in manufacturing quality.

Our investigation shows that a series of incidents have raised questions about the quality of replacement windows at BMW. After three cracks in the windscreen within three months and the replacement of an equal number of windows, it is understandable that doubts arise about the durability and quality of the car windows used by this renowned car manufacturer.

It all started with a small star in the windshield, caused by a flying stone. What should normally be a simple repair quickly turned into a recurring problem. Each new window lasted only a few weeks before another crack appeared. This led to frustration, extra costs and long waiting times at the official BMW dealer.

not a quick job

Replacing a windscreen at a BMW dealer is not a quick job. Currently, people have to wait up to a month and a half before the car's turn in the workshop. This is not only due to the crowds, but also because BMW Financial Services only allows repairs to take place within their own dealer network. This means that customers cannot go to faster alternatives such as Carglass, where a replacement is usually arranged within two to three working days.

In addition to the long waiting times and repeated defects, there is also the financial side of the story. Every time a windscreen needs to be replaced, the customer pays a deductible of 135 euros. In addition, environmental stickers for Germany and France, which are essential for driving in certain environmental zones, must be purchased and affixed again. This entails additional costs and inconvenience.

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replace windshield
Photo: © Pitane Blue - windscreen replacement workshop

The quality of windscreen replacement at BMW seems to have come under pressure recently. Where there used to be a card on the interior mirror with the name of the mechanic who worked on your car and a request to contact BMW Netherlands if you have any complaints, this customer-oriented approach has disappeared. In the last two cases of windscreen replacement, this card was no longer found. Instead, there were clear signs of less careful handling: handprints on the windshield and dashboard betrayed a lack of attention to detail.

Although the invoice still shows the usual professional tone and cost items, it does not reflect the decline in the quality of the service provided. BMW emphasizes that they only use original BMW car windows and materials, which have a two-year warranty. However, the frequent occurrence of cracks after replacement raises questions. 

bad luck

A customer who wishes to remain anonymous expresses his frustration: “My workshop planning manager called it 'bad luck'. But can you still call it bad luck if you need three windscreens within a quarter and barely drive any kilometers?”

The problem does not appear to be isolated. Others have shared similar experiences, questioning the quality of the replacement windows. It is a known fact that stones can cause damage, but it is unusual for a new window to crack again after a few weeks. Experts suggest that the windows used may not be able to withstand today's driving conditions or there may be manufacturing defects.

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This problem casts a shadow on BMW's reputation when it comes to the quality of their parts and service at their dealers. Customers who pay premium prices also expect a premium experience and durability from their vehicle parts. If this cannot be guaranteed, they risk losing confidence in the brand.

BMW will need to seriously investigate this issue and address possible quality issues with their suppliers. Customers deserve sustainable solutions and reliable service, especially when they pay premium prices. Until then, many will wonder whether it is really bad luck, or whether there is more to the quality of BMW's replacement windows.

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