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High-tech company ASML announces a collaboration with Drop Mobility, an innovative provider of shared mobility solutions.

From this summer, ASML will use campus e-bikes, facilitated by Drop Mobility, to improve the connection between Eindhoven Central Station and the ASML campus. In addition, the e-bikes will provide a commute option between various ASML locations in the Brainport region. Teun Verschuren, co-founder of Drop Mobility, spoke enthusiastically about the collaboration: “We are very happy to be able to collaborate with a company like ASML in this progressive and sustainable way.”

ASML remains committed to improving facilities and services to keep the campus and its surroundings accessible. With the introduction of campus e-bikes, ASML encourages its employees to travel in a sustainable way. In collaboration with Drop Mobility, 1.000 e-bikes will be made available, intended for the last part of the journey from Eindhoven Central Station or for commuting between ASML locations. Pim de Weerd, Program Manager Access & Mobility at ASML, emphasizes the importance of this step: “Thanks to the collaboration with Drop, we expect to be one step closer to achieving our mobility objective. We aim to have even more employees travel by public transport. The campus e-bikes make it possible to easily continue their sustainable journey from Eindhoven CS to an ASML location in the Brainport region.”

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De Weerd underlines the joint ambition to further scale up the range of bicycle sharing near Eindhoven Central Station. This initiative will not only increase accessibility, but also make the offer more attractive to other companies in the Brainport region. Through the increased availability of e-bikes, ASML hopes that more employees and companies will switch to sustainable transport options, which ultimately contributes to a greener and better connected region.

The chosen e-bike models from Drop Mobility are designed as innovative shared bicycles and are combined with advanced docking stations. These stations ensure that the vehicles are always automatically locked and charged. ASML employees can easily use these services via a user-friendly app. This innovative system ensures that the bicycles are always ready for use, making traveling more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Drop Mobility will take care of the full service and maintenance of the e-bikes. This includes the distribution of more than 1.000 e-bikes across various hubs in and around locations designated by ASML. Daily assessments and redistributions of the e-bikes will be carried out to ensure good availability at all locations. 

Verschuren explains: “We will ensure that the e-bikes are always available where they are needed most. This means that we continuously monitor and adapt to provide the best possible service to ASML employees.”

The collaboration between ASML and Drop Mobility is an important step towards a more sustainable future. By embracing innovative mobility solutions, both companies show how technology and sustainability can go hand in hand to make the world a better place.

Photo: Teun Verschuren co-founder Drop Mobility (left) and Pim de Weerd Program Manager Access & Mobility of ASML (right)

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