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There will be a fourth track between Den Bosch and Vught, with a sunken location of the track near Vught.

From June 18 to June 24, 2024, train traffic between Vught and Den Bosch will come to a complete standstill due to intensive track work. During this period, ProRail is working day and night on the track to construct a temporary track in Vught. This is necessary for the construction of a fourth track between Den Bosch and Vught, part of the High-Frequency Rail Transport (PHS) Program. Preparations for this major work have been in the making for years.

After years of preparation, the real work is now starting. ProRail previously set up various construction sites and collected a large amount of sand at the Postweg construction hub. Over the next six days, two sand trains will transport the sand from the Postweg to Bestevaer every day. In addition, the third track between Postweg and Aert Heymlaan will be removed during this period and the work road at Loonsebaan will be constructed.

To ensure the continuity of train traffic during the work, a temporary track is being built. Full access to Vught station is closed at Van Miertstraat; Until the end of October 2025, travelers can only reach the station via Stationsstraat.

In addition to the construction of the temporary track, various other work is being carried out. For example, a derailment structure will be installed on the railway bridge over the Drongelens canal to improve safety. The existing track at Vughterpoort will also be completely renovated.

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Den Bosch station
Photo: © Pitane Blue - Den Bosch station

At the same time, work is also being carried out on the track between Vught and Tilburg and between Vught and Boxtel. This includes the replacement of sleepers, rails, fasteners and ballast. Rail dampers are installed at several locations to reduce noise and vibrations. Various level crossings in Berkel Enschot, Helvoirt, Vught, Esch and Boxtel will be temporarily closed during this period.

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During these six days, ProRail will use three electric cranes on the track. These cranes, which make less noise, are charged at the substation on Rembrandtlaan and an additional charging battery behind the information center at Esschestraat.


For travelers, this means that buses will be deployed between Den Bosch and Tilburg and between Den Bosch and Boxtel. Travelers should take additional travel time into account and are advised to check the adjusted timetable carefully before departure. ProRail is committed to limiting inconvenience to travelers as much as possible, but advises everyone to be prepared.

The need for these large-scale works arises from the growing demand for sustainable transport in the Netherlands. Every year, ProRail has to build and maintain more track and stations to meet the growing need for better and more frequent train traffic. The intensity of rail work will continue to increase in the coming years. However, this also brings challenges, such as staff shortages and material shortages, which can affect the execution of the work. ProRail works closely with the rail sector to meet these challenges and successfully implement the planned projects.

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