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The reasons for visiting Cyprus vary, but holidays remain the main motivation.

Cyprus remains a popular destination for tourists, according to the latest figures for the first four months of 2024. From January to April this year, the Mediterranean island welcomed as many as 748.814 tourists. This represents an increase of 1,7% compared to the same period in 2023, when 736.629 tourists visited the island.

Tourism in Cyprus remains an important pillar of the economy, and this steady growth underlines the island's continued success as a holiday destination. April, traditionally one of the busiest months for tourism, welcomed the most tourists from the United Kingdom. With 117.902 arrivals, British tourists represent no less than 35,3% of the total number of visitors. This reaffirms the UK as the largest source of tourists to Cyprus.

The appeal of Cyprus lies in the island's versatility. Visitors come not only for the sun and the sea, but also for the rich history, the diverse culture, the delicious gastronomy, the beautiful nature and the many outdoor activities. The island offers an authentic experience that appeals to many travelers. About 82,1% of tourists came to Cyprus for a holiday, while 9,4% visited friends or family. In addition, 8,3% of tourists traveled to Cyprus for business purposes.

The increase in the number of tourists can also be attributed to the efforts of the Cypriot government and tourism organizations to promote the island as a versatile destination. Through targeted marketing campaigns and improved infrastructure, Cyprus remains attractive to a wide range of visitors.

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Cyprus offers a wide range of activities that contribute to its popularity. From the enchanting beaches and crystal clear waters to the historical sites such as the archaeological site of Kourion and the ancient Castle of Limassol. Nature lovers will also get their money's worth with the many hiking trails in the Troodos Mountains and the Akamas Peninsula.

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The local cuisine, rich in Mediterranean flavors, is another draw. Tourists enjoy traditional dishes such as moussaka, halloumi and fresh seafood, often served with local wines. The authentic dining experiences in the many tavernas and restaurants add to the island's appeal.

The Cypriot tourism industry is responding to the changing needs and expectations of travelers. There is a growing demand for sustainable tourism options, and Cyprus is working hard to improve environmentally friendly practices and preserve its natural beauty.

Cyprus also continues to invest in improving its tourism infrastructure. New hotels, improved transport facilities and tourist services ensure that visitors have a comfortable and memorable experience on the island.

With a focus on quality and diversity in tourism offerings, Cyprus remains a top destination for travelers worldwide. The constant growth in tourist numbers is a positive indicator for the future of tourism on the island, and the coming months promise to attract even more visitors looking to enjoy all that Cyprus has to offer.

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