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Take into account any waiting times and, due to limited capacity, use bicycle rental on the Wadden Islands as much as possible.

From Monday 17 June to Tuesday 9 July 2024, ProRail and contractor Strukton Rail will work intensively on improving the track in and around Leeuwarden. These necessary works have significant consequences for train traffic. During this period, no trains will run between Leeuwarden and Harlingen Haven, Leeuwarden and Stavoren, and between Leeuwarden and Akkrum. In addition, there will be no train traffic between Leeuwarden and Hurdegaryp from June 17 to 20, 2024 and on July 9. In order to serve travelers, both NS and Arriva will use buses. Both transport companies advise travelers to take a longer travel time into account, varying from 15 to 60 minutes.

On the route between Zwolle and Leeuwarden, which is served by NS, there will be no train traffic from Akkrum. Instead, express and stop buses are used between Akkrum and Leeuwarden. These buses also make a stop at Grou-Jirnsum station. Arriva will take on the bus transport tasks for the other routes from Leeuwarden. Travelers are advised to consult the NS Travel App or the NS Travel Planner before departure to stay informed of the latest travel information.

To accommodate cyclists, NS has arranged special buses with bicycle trailers. These buses are tailored to the departure times of the boats to the Wadden Islands. The same rules that apply to taking bicycles on the train also apply to these buses. Employees from both Arriva and NS will be present at the stations of Akkrum, Leeuwarden and Harlingen Haven to help travelers with bicycles. Despite these measures, NS warns of possible waiting times and advises travelers to use bicycle rental on the Wadden Islands where possible due to the limited capacity.

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NS uses stop and express buses between Akkrum and Leeuwarden. The buses also stop in Grou-Jirnsum. The buses can be found at the front of the station. View the departure times via the Travel Planner. The buses run 4 times per hour during rush hour and 2 times per hour outside rush hour.

These large-scale rail works are part of a broader plan to modernize infrastructure and improve the reliability of rail transport in the region. ProRail has stated that the work is necessary to minimize future disruptions and improve the travel experience for passengers. According to ProRail spokesperson Hans Peters: “We understand that these works cause inconvenience, but they are crucial to optimize rail transport in this region and prepare it for the future.”

Travelers are advised to plan their trip carefully and take possible delays into account. The use of buses is a temporary measure to limit inconvenience, but it remains important to plan extra time for the journey. “We are doing everything we can to limit the inconvenience to our travelers as much as possible,” says Peters.

It is important to note that this work takes place during the summer months, a time when many people travel for holidays or days out. NS and Arriva are therefore deploying extra staff to inform and support travelers during their journey. Additional information is also provided via social media and the websites of both transport companies to keep travelers as informed as possible about the current situation.

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With this extensive measures ProRail, NS and Arriva hope to keep disruption to a minimum and ensure that travelers can reach their destination as smoothly as possible, despite the work.

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