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Rijkswaterstaat is carrying out maintenance on the A12, because the asphalt has reached the end of its lifespan.

From Monday 3 June, road users on the A12 between The Hague and Utrecht will be confronted with heavy traffic due to extensive work. Two lanes will be closed between Nieuwerbrug and De Meern on eleven working days. This is due to major maintenance of the asphalt that needs to be replaced. Road users should expect significant delays.

The A12, and this section in particular, is one of the busiest highways in the Netherlands. With the partial closure, Rijkswaterstaat fears traffic jams that could extend to Prins Clausplein near The Hague.

Rijkswaterstaat advises motorists to follow their navigation systems for diversion routes. However, these alternative routes are also expected to be busy. In addition to the closure on weekdays, the A12 towards Utrecht will be completely closed on ten nights. In addition, the A12 and A20 towards Utrecht will be closed for four weekends between Moordrecht and the Oudenrijn junction. However, the A12 remains open between Gouda and Reeuwijk and traffic is diverted via Amsterdam or Gorinchem.

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Photo: © Pitane Blue - Rijkswaterstaat

The reason for the work is that the road surface of the A12 between Nieuwerbrug and the Oudenrijn junction has reached its service life and is in urgent need of major maintenance. This is necessary to guarantee the accessibility of the Netherlands, improve the safety and sustainability of the roads and ensure that the A12 can last for years to come.

The maintenance includes replacing the existing asphalt with quieter asphalt, maintaining viaducts, replacing joint transitions and working on crash barriers. Despite efforts to limit inconvenience by working mainly on weekends, inconvenience is unavoidable. Long traffic jams may arise during the work, with delays of more than an hour.

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Rijkswaterstaat is doing everything it can to minimize the impact of the work. They emphasize that it is necessary to carry out maintenance to prevent future problems and keep the infrastructure in good condition. Motorists are advised to prepare their journey well and, if possible, travel outside peak times to avoid crowds.

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