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The bright green Go Sharing shared scooters, once a symbol of modern mobility in the city, are increasingly in poor condition.

Mirrors that are broken off, front covers that are hanging or even gone completely, and brakes that are bent. It seems like we can't handle these electric vehicles. Vandalistic acts are commonplace and respect for other people's property seems to be lacking. Are we really that irresponsible or is there a deeper problem underlying it?

A walk through the city quickly reveals that the scooters are often parked in a nuisance. We are too lazy to put them neatly on the sidewalk or walk a few extra meters, so they are left in the most inconvenient places. This behavior not only causes a nuisance, but it also contributes to the increasing damage to the scooters. Although we have mastered the technology to download an app and start the scooter, using and parking it correctly proves to be a whole different challenge.

Rental companies are noticing more and more damage to their vehicles. Repairing this damage has become more complicated and expensive. Not only due to a lack of staff, a common excuse these days, but also due to the financial resources required to keep the equipment in a business-worthy condition. Vandalism is more than an annoyance; If damage is not repaired quickly, the value and respect for the scooters also decreases in the eyes of users.

According to the conditions, shared scooters are third party insured as standard, which means that the insurance covers damage caused by the driver. However, this only applies if there is no intent, recklessness, or driving without a driver's license. In such cases, the user must bear the costs himself. These rules are clear, but practice shows that not everyone adheres to them, with all the consequences that entails.

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Last year, Go Sharing was acquired by the Turkish company Binbin. The takeover was a necessary step after the previous owner was in receivership. This transition could offer an opportunity for a new start and stricter measures against vandalism and misuse.

The root of the problem seems to be a lack of respect and responsibility among users. Scooter sharing offers a convenient solution for short journeys in the city, but the convenience is lost if the vehicles do not receive the care and attention they deserve. This lack of respect is a broader social problem that is not easy to solve.

What can be done to address this problem? Stricter enforcement and higher fines for vandalism and incorrect parking could be a step in the right direction. In addition, education and awareness surrounding the use of shared scooters can contribute to better handling of these vehicles. Rental companies can also invest in more robust scooters that can better withstand rough handling.

It is clear that a combined approach is needed to solve the problem. It is not only the responsibility of the rental companies, but also of the users to handle the shared scooters with care and respect. Only in this way can this form of mobility remain sustainable and actually contribute to a more efficient and cleaner city environment.

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