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The 135-year-old Amsterdam Central station is undergoing extensive renovations.

Amsterdam Central Station, an icon of the city, is undergoing a thorough renovation. The station, which has existed for 135 years, is being partially renovated, including parts that are almost as old as the station itself. During the weekend of May 25 and 26, research will be conducted into the condition of the construction under tracks 13, 14 and 15, on the IJ side of the station. This inspection, carried out by construction company BAM, is essential before the renovations can start.

Underneath these tracks is a steel bridge structure that is already 100 years old, known as the IJ viaduct. In order to properly assess the condition of this structure, pieces of concrete and the retaining wall of platform 6 (track 15) will be temporarily removed. This is a delicate operation, because these elements play a crucial role in the stability of the platforms and tracks.

In addition, on platform 5, the four monumental skylights, which are windows in the platform, will be cleared of the asphalt covering them. This is necessary to conduct further research into the construction of this platform. The work will take place both during the day and at night, which means that local residents and travelers will see many construction workers in action. BAM has promised to limit inconvenience as much as possible, but some inconvenience is inevitable with a project of this size.

The next weekend Not only will tracks 13, 14 and 15 be taken out of service, but this opportunity will also be used to replace the sleepers at the Amsterdam Public Library. This combined work helps increase efficiency and minimize the time the tracks are out of use.

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Amsterdam Central Station

The next major work will start on June 29, 2024 until mid-2025. Then the first of five track barges will be taken out of service and emptied.

The renovation of Amsterdam Central Station is a long-term project, with the next major phase planned from June 29, 2024 and will continue until mid-2025. During this phase, the first of five track boxes on the IJ side of the station will be taken out of service and emptied. This marks the start of a five-year process in which all five rail troughs and the associated railway bridges will be renovated. The demolition of the first railway bridge of the Oosteraccess is planned for the end of July.

For those who want to follow the progress of the work, there is the Bouwapp Renovation Amsterdam Centraal. This app, available on the app store, provides regular updates and details on the project's progress.

The renovation of Amsterdam Central Station is not only a technical necessity, but also an important step in the preservation and modernization of this historic station. While the work will undoubtedly cause some disruption, the end result will be a safer, more modern and efficient station that is better prepared for the demands of the future.

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