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7,5 million euros extra for better public transport in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam councilor Melanie van der Horst (D66), responsible for traffic, transport and air quality, public space and greenery, water and the North approach, today provided insight into the plans for the investment of 7,5 million euros in public transport of the city. This additional financial injection is intended to make significant improvements to public transport in the short term. The question is: how exactly is Amsterdam going to use this money?

Van der Horst explained the plans on her social media platforms: “A large part of the money, around 2,5 million euros, will go to improving the accessibility of public transport. There are now neighborhoods such as De Eendracht, Cruquiuseiland and the Rijnbuurt where the distance to the stops is too great. We are adapting the roads there in such a way that the bus can reach the area better. We will also make additional stops accessible in the near future and support more volunteer transport initiatives.”

In addition, 1,55 million euros is intended for public transport in new-build areas, where the number of travelers is increasing significantly. Specific improvements are planned for South East, where the public space around some metro stations is being improved. In Nieuw-West there will be more space for bicycle parking at metro stations and a bus line to Riekerpolder will be supported on a one-off basis by companies. In the South, the tram track on De Boelelaan is being made suitable for buses, while a tram stop in the Sluisbuurt is being widened to accommodate the increasing number of travelers.

The municipality supports city pass holders who travel by public transport with more than half a million euros by offering them a free ticket for a cultural activity. This money will also be used to extend free public transport for children, until the end of the Christmas holidays.

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Alderman Melanie van der Horst - photographer Tom Feenstra

“With around 2,6 million euros, we are creating additional bicycle parking spaces at public transport stops in South East, New West and North and we are investing in cycling lessons in the same districts. In this way we ensure that more people can use a combination of cycling and traveling by public transport,” says Van der Horst.

The last 250.000 euros will be used for research into the possibilities of running the night metro during the weekend. Van der Horst explains: “We have wanted the metro to also run at night for some time now. But this is difficult due to the staff shortage and because maintenance on the metro often takes place at night. Together with GVB and the Transport Region, we are now investigating what is possible and we can start a trial with this money.”

Van der Horst's reaction follows one article by Marc Kruyswijk in Het Parool, in which the investment of 7,5 million euros in public transport and the research into the possibility of a night metro in Amsterdam was discussed.

This investment is an important step to improve the accessibility and quality of public transport in Amsterdam. With targeted adjustments and expansions in various parts of the city, it is hoped that more residents will be able to use more efficient and accessible transport options. The plans to run the night metro, at least during the weekend, show that the municipality is serious about modernizing public transport and making it better suited to the needs of the city.

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