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As a taxi driver or operator of a taxi service, you must send information about your rides to Chiron: the central ride database of the Flemish Government.

Pitane Mobility, a tech company based in Eindhoven, has introduced an innovative solution to help taxi drivers in Flanders even better comply with strict regulations. The online service, aimed at simplifying the complex bureaucracy surrounding the required documentation for taxi services, is a timely solution for taxi drivers struggling with language barriers and complicated procedures.

An official website of the Flemish government, Centaurus called, enables drivers to efficiently apply for and manage new permits, authorizations and driver passes. All this in line with the Flemish taxi decree that requires the real-time registration of taxi rides via Chiron, a system that is connected to a central database of the Flemish government.

Drivers who are not yet domiciled in the Flemish Region can choose a Flemish municipality of their preference to apply for their driver's pass. The necessary documents for this include an identity card, a valid driver's license with medical examination, a Dutch language certificate, a recent extract from the criminal record, and an authorization to work in Belgium. Specific knowledge documents for transporting persons in wheelchairs are also required where applicable.

Pitane Mobility has more than 30 years of experience in developing advanced software for the taxi industry, intended for both independent drivers and large taxi companies. With their Pitane Pallas solutions and the Pitane Driver App they strive for full customer satisfaction. This software suitable for Chiron is available for both iOS and Android, and can be installed on smartphones and tablets.

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From the application for the driver's pass to setting up and activating the software, Pitane BV supports the taxi driver throughout the entire process. This includes installing the necessary certificates, creating the required five test runs to activate the production environment, and providing the necessary trip receipt and trip report for the municipality.

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Centaurus2020 is the platform for the application and management of driver passes and permits, including taxi vehicles and authorizations, regarding the taxi decree.

User feedback about this new service is positive, partly due to the fact that the software and communication are available in several languages, including French. Many praise this user-friendly approach and recommend the software to colleagues. This service has resulted in an increase in daily new installations by Pitane BV and contributes to improving the relationship between the taxi industry and government regulation.

In addition to the already successful Chiron implementation, Pitane Mobility is expanding its software offering with integrated solutions for the delivery of real-time data to government agencies such as the CDT of the Environment or Transport Inspectorate. This system also responds to the upcoming implementation of the new 'Practical test 2', which will come into effect for the taxi industry from 1 July.

CDT, together with Chiron, ensures that the data required for inspection and regulation is provided efficiently and transparently. This contributes significantly to strengthening the reliability and integrity of taxi companies. These systems allow taxi companies to demonstrate directly and unequivocally that they meet all legal requirements, helping them to maintain or renew their licenses.

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