Eindhoven-based Pitane Mobility is launching multifunctional tablet software that reshapes the future of automation in taxis.

Censys BV is the first to take a step into the Dutch market and into the modernization of the taxi industry with the launch of Pitane Pallas for Android tablets. This brand new software platform is designed to serve taxi companies, government agencies and drivers alike. 

practice test

In response to the upcoming CDT Practice Test and the Realization Variant BCT program of the Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT), which will start on October 1, 2024, Censys BV has decided to accelerate the launch of the advanced Pitane Pallas to run software. The company is proud to participate in these important initiatives together with a select group of taxi companies and drivers. During the next three months, the focus will be on extensive testing of the software, with special attention to the integration with the Central Database Taxi (CDT).

The system will continuously monitor the driving and rest times of participating drivers to ensure regulatory compliance and ensure the safety of both the driver and passengers. An important element in this testing phase is the automatic recording of interruptions in service time, such as breaks, and reporting this data to the CDT. All relevant data about the ride movements are accurately logged and synchronized with the CDT.

new platform

All this crucial data will be collected via the Pitane Pallas platform and forwarded via the entrepreneur portal to the government databases. Pitane Pallas is not just an upgrade. It is a total solution that can replace the old On-board Computer Taxi (BCT) system. This software combines advanced features such as automatic profile creation with strict security measures such as two-step authentication (2FA) and driver's license and license plate recognition for logging in. And it ensures both the driver's privacy and multilingual support in Dutch, English, French and German at no extra cost.

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With the ambition to modernize the conventional On-board Computer Taxi (BCT), Eindhoven-based Pitane Mobility has launched a new generation of tablet software: Pitane Pallas.

Pitane Mobility's new tablet software is so versatile that it can even be linked to external databases, such as the Central Database Taxi (CDT) of the Environment and Transport Inspectorate and Chiron of the Belgian government. This creates a seamless exchange of real-time data that significantly improves the efficiency of the taxi industry. Interaction between the driver and the customer will also get a boost. From the tablet, drivers can call customers directly, accept payments via QR codes and print ride tickets via Bluetooth-connected printers. The automatic geocoding detects when a taxi enters a certain zone and automatically registers the taxi in that zone, which offers an advantage in terms of real-time trip allocation.

central management

The software is also designed to ease the integration process for new drivers. The driver gains access to the vehicle's configuration settings via a unique, centrally registered PIN code. This simplifies the inflow of new employees and protects against unauthorized access to the system configuration. It becomes even more interesting for drivers who work for multiple taxi companies. With the new software they can switch seamlessly between different company profiles. This is done via an intuitive drop-down menu that appears as soon as the driver logs in.

secure payment

In this digital age, where contactless payments and social distancing have become norms, Pitane Mobility has taken extra steps. At the end of each ride, the system generates a QR code that contains all ride information, allowing customers to pay securely without having to exchange physical money or cards. But it's not just convenience and efficiency that Pitane Pallas excels at, the software goes further with features aimed at the specific needs of night drivers. Transparency is another feature of Pitane Pallas software. The inclusion of audit trails and logs ensures regulatory compliance, while also allowing companies to demonstrate their integrity and reliability.

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In a sector where efficiency and security are becoming increasingly important, the Pitane Pallas software connects to external databases, such as the Central Database Taxi (CDT) of the Dutch Environment and Transport Inspectorate, and the Chiron system of the Belgian government.

With this extensive list of features it is clear that Pitane Mobility has designed its software with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in today's taxi sector. With its seamless integration of technology and customer service, Pitane Pallas is taking the industry to the next level, exceeding expectations in areas ranging from security to usability and efficiency. 

The platform will go live on October 1, 2023 and will be followed by an iOS version later this year.

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