The party wants more attention for the region and is calling for a separate minister for this. They want to invest more in public transport in rural areas and want to maintain facilities such as healthcare and education in the region.

JA21, in full the Correct Answer 21, is a Dutch political party that currently has one seat in the House of Representatives. The party is characterized by a conservative-liberal and nationalist slant and sees the preservation of Dutch aviation and infrastructure as important spearheads.

the economic backbone

According to JA21, far-reaching climate plans such as the European Fitfor55 and national measures threaten to seriously damage the position of Schiphol and KLM. The party emphasizes that these two institutions are more than just an airport and an airline. They are integral to the Dutch business climate, provide tens of thousands of jobs and form an important link in international trade. JA21 advocates measures that ensure that KLM retains its prominent role as a major international airline, and that Schiphol remains a leading European airport.

pioneer in hydrogen aviation

In addition to preserving existing infrastructure, JA21 also has a future-oriented view. Groningen Airport Eelde (GAE) is seen as a center for innovation in hydrogen aviation. The party is looking at the synergy between GAE and Eemshaven, which already functions as a 'Hydrogen Valley'. By investing in technological development, the Netherlands can take a leading role in sustainable aviation, according to JA21.

social discussion

The party is not deaf to public concerns such as noise pollution. They advocate an honest and open discussion about the impact of different modes of transport and want policies that take these factors into account. JA21 sees that billions in investments are needed in various areas, such as sustainability and digitalization. They want to use these changes for the Netherlands competitive and future-proof to make.

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realistic approach

JA21 is critical of the large-scale electrification of road transport and the European ban on combustion engines. The party believes that these types of decisions often ignore what is feasible and affordable for the average Dutch person. They therefore argue for lowering VAT on energy and retaining traditional fuels until there are realistic alternatives. JA21 notes that many facilities in the regions are being lost. That is why the party advocates a 'Minister of the Region' to represent the interests of rural areas. They want to release more money for public transport in these areas and maintain essential services such as healthcare and education.

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In the current political constellation of the Netherlands, Joost Eerdmans and Annabel Nanninga offer an alternative voice that combines conservative and liberal values ​​with a strong focus on Dutch interests. Their influence within JA21 and beyond will undoubtedly continue to grow as the party continues to develop.

Joost Eerdmans and Annabel Nanninga are prominent figures within the Dutch political party JA21 (the Right Answer 21). Not only is the party name an abbreviation of their first names, but these two politicians also shape the party's conservative-liberal and nationalist identity. Both have a background in Dutch politics and media, and are now important voices within the party.

Joost Eerdmans

Joost Eerdmans has an extensive political career, starting with the CDA and later with Leefbaar Rotterdam. He has gained experience at both national and local levels and is known for his focus on safety, justice and Dutch values. In the House of Representatives he has the role of party leader of JA21, where he represents the party position on a wide range of issues, from infrastructure to sustainability.

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Annabel Nanninga

Annabel Nanninga originally came from journalism and was known as a sharp and critical columnist. She entered politics with Forum for Democracy (FVD), where she took a seat in the Senate. After a disagreement within FVD, she switched to JA21. She is known for her critical attitude towards issues such as immigration and European integration and now represents this view as one of the prominent members of JA21.

the synergy

The combination of Eerdmans' political experience and Nanninga's media savvy forms a complementary duo that can effectively convey JA21's message. Both share a concern for the future of the Netherlands, especially in the areas of national pride, infrastructure and Dutch values. They are the face of the party and their ideas are closely interwoven with the election manifesto, including plans for aviation, energy and regional development.

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