The company calls on all parties who think they can offer added value to discuss possible collaborations.

Soft franchise organization De Vier Gewesten BV (DVG), specialized in road passenger transport, is preparing for an exciting transformation. After 31 years of successfully operating in the sector, DVG is ready to enter a new chapter with their recently launched project.

This DVG 2.0 project aims to strengthen the service and support to its franchisees, and to enter into new partnerships. DVG currently has approximately 80 franchisees, consisting of taxi and coach companies, who play a crucial role in the road passenger transport sector in the Netherlands.

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In a report on social media DVG writes that it is actively looking for innovative companies and individuals in various fields, including absenteeism management, insurance, IT products, mobility, HRM support, training and financial advice.

"We want to offer our franchisees a more comprehensive package of services and support."

The DVG 2.0 project aims to expand this support and stimulate the growth of both the franchisees and DVG itself. The company therefore calls on all interested parties who think they can offer added value to contact them and discuss possible collaborations.

DVG emphasizes that it is not an investment company and that its financial possibilities are limited. However, the company is convinced of the many opportunities out there and hopes that some of these opportunities will find their way to DVG.

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The most important criterion for potential partners is that they can offer added value to DVG's franchisees.

DVG also calls on the social channels to share the call within their network. “We hope this message leads to a fruitful exchange of ideas and potential collaboration opportunities,” said DVG.

The DVG 2.0 project and the invitation to collaborate illustrate DVG's commitment to redefining its role in the road passenger transport sector. With a commitment to improving their services, supporting their franchisees and forging new partnerships, DVG demonstrates a clear vision for a sustainable and successful future.


De Vier Gewesten recently won the tender for route-bound transport in Westfriesland. They work there together with Taxi Kaijer, Taxi Tromp and Taxicentrale Westfriesland. They are also the current carriers and will continue transportation for the next five years. They will also continue to provide employee transport on behalf of WerkSaam.

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