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In the dynamic landscape of taxi companies, where efficiency and connectivity are essential, makes Taxi Agenda 2.0 its standout entry as a revolutionary game changer. This groundbreaking online dispatching system brings automation and digital connectivity within reach of Dutch and Belgian taxi companies, and creates a close relationship with customers, coordination centers, organizations and even the government.

A groundbreaking aspect of Taxi-Agenda 2.0 is the exemption from costly integrations or equipment. The cloud-based software allows companies to manage their entire fleet and send ride orders via a simple internet browser. As a result, valuable data is exchanged without the need for expensive subscriptions or additional equipment.


Taxi-Agenda 2.0 introduces the TOMP-API (Transport Operator to Mobility Provider-Application Programming Interface), a standardized technical interface developed specifically for MaaS (Mobility as a Service) providers and transport companies. This innovative API enables structured data exchange and collaboration.

The user interface of Taxi-Agenda 2.0 presents all necessary functions in a clear way, making management easier than ever. From quote requests to demo requests, everything is at your fingertips.

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RYSK IT brings innovation to the passenger transport industry. They focus on the development of software solutions for taxi and coach.

The new system takes dispatching, a vital part of any taxi business, to a higher level of convenience. Trip planning and distribution among drivers or partners becomes seamless. The status of journeys is visible on the dashboard in the blink of an eye, so that companies can immediately intervene where necessary.

directing parties

But Taxi-Agenda 2.0 does not stop at improving internal business processes. The system already has partnerships with various coordinating parties for various transport projects. If there is a need for a connection with another coordinating party, Taxi-Agenda is ready to facilitate this.

The Driver App offers drivers an efficient way to plan and distribute journeys. It provides a quick overview of the trip status and signals which trips require extra attention. Drivers can handle journeys and view journey data via the app, guaranteeing smooth communication with the exchange.

Taxi-Agenda 2.0 goes one step further and introduces free access to On Demand rides. Various parties can place rides on the platform, which can then be accepted by Taxi-Agenda users. This expands the possibilities for taxi companies and strengthens their customer base in an unprecedented way.

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