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The various parts of the returned bicycles are upcycled by Swapfiets into new bicycle racks.

On the occasion of World Bike Day, Swapfiets is organizing a return campaign for old bicycles in their stores in Amsterdam, London, Paris, Berlin and Copenhagen throughout the month of June. The world's first bicycle subscription calls on cyclists all over Europe to hand in their old 'barrel' in exchange for a free first month's membership. The various parts of the returned bicycles are upcycled by Swapfiets into new bicycle racks. In this way, the action contributes to the company's ambitious goal for a fully circular product line in 2025 and the mission to make cities more liveable by adding extra parking.  

As a certified B Corp, Swapfiets, known for its blue front tyre, has been working behind the scenes for some time developing a fully circular product line. The Deluxe 7, the most popular Swapfiets in Europe, is now 88% circular. Achieving the ambitious goal of a 100% circular product line is planned for 2025 and the large-scale return campaign that is being organized throughout Europe contributes to this. In the context of World Bike Day 2023, Swapfiets not only wants to encourage people to cycle (more), but also to contribute to more livable cities and the reduction of waste. 

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With the campaign we want to encourage people to recycle their old bicycles. You can no longer ride a bicycle with a bent frame or a flat tire, it often remains outside and is no longer used. A shame, because the materials are often still very valuable. By turning them into bicycle racks, we want to make the value visible and at the same time give something back to the city.

From bike to rack 

A Swapfiets lives many lives. Through the subscription model, all bicycles are reused and remain within their own circulation. For example, broken bicycles are repaired, parts are exchanged and returned bicycles are refurbished before they are loaned out again. The old bicycles that are handed in as a result of the campaign will be given a new function; they are recycled into sustainable bicycle racks in collaboration with Falco. These racks contribute to the quality of life in the city by offering extra parking space Swap bike. Will you spot your own bike later?

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