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“It is therefore a challenging job for which we like to get in touch with new drivers,” says Martijn Kersing.

With immediate effect, 60 positions are available for drivers in the healthcare transport sector of The Hague and nearby areas. Noot Passenger Transport is organizing a recruitment and introduction day on June 9 from 15.00:19.00 pm to XNUMX:XNUMX pm in the ADO Den Haag stadium, with the aim of recruiting these new drivers and giving them an insight into the unique aspects of this work. Note starts every hour with a new group.

“The Hague is a unique municipality, in the sense that we do not know of any other municipality in the Netherlands that is so generous when it comes to target group transport.”

In 2022 alone, AV070 completed no less than 480.000 journeys, covering a total of 2,5 million kilometers. 14.000 pass holders use Wmo transport in The Hague. For this they pay an amount of 28 euros per calendar year for an unlimited number of journeys, whether that is to the hospital or to the hairdresser or the cinema. 'Record holder' in the (anonymous) statistics of Noot is a pass holder who made 1 journeys in 1750 year, an average of almost 5 per day, and good for 8920 kilometers.

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“Van Noot drivers are of great social value, because they transport many residents who are in need of help or have a disability. As a result, people remain mobile and can continue to participate in society.”

Every day, approximately 2000 Noot vehicles criss-cross the country. Director Martijn Kersing: “We have two recruiters who are constantly on the road to speak to potential candidates and we spend between 40.000 and 60.000 euros a month on recruitment campaigns, flyers and advertisements. At Noot everyone is important and contributes. We offer plenty of employment to various groups such as young people, the over-50s, people with an occupational disability, people who have difficulty finding a job, status holders and pensioners. Thanks to our multi-year agreement with the municipality of The Hague, we can also offer new drivers the prospect of a long-term contract”.

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More information about the recruitment and introductory day on June 9 in the stadium of ADO Den Haag can be found on this website:

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