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Seating for seven occupants, versatile space. In short, a nod to legendary Samba bus.

The ID. Buzz gets an extra dimension. The new long-wheelbase version measures almost five meters and offers space for seven people including the third row of seats. The innovative panorama roof with smart glass is a nod to the legendary Samba bus from the 50s. The long-wheelbase version will also be available with a new 210 kW/286 hp electric motor. In addition to the 77 kWh battery pack, there is also a variant with a capacity of 86 kWh. Other news: a head-up display, a further improved infotainment system and remote parking.

Since its introduction late last year, the ID. Buzz a great success, also in our country. Here, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has already sold more than 2.500 units and the model is the market leader in the electric commercial vehicle class. The new ID. Long-wheelbase Buzz is the next chapter in this success story. It is 4,96 meters long and has a wheelbase of no less than 3,24 meters. The height (1,93 m) and width (1,99 m) have remained unchanged. The extra length of the new model is optically distributed over the wider sliding doors (+19,2 cm) and 5,8 centimeters of extra space between the C-pillars and the rear wheels. This makes the design harmonious and recognisable. The V-shape of the front and the signature of the LED headlights and taillights also contribute to this.

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Innovation in the interior

Eye-catchers in the interior are the digital dashboard (13,5 cm) – the display of which can be set as desired – and the large (32,8 cm) touch display for the infotainment system. This is now even easier to operate thanks to software 5.0, a new interface and a modified menu structure. Numerous functions are directly accessible via two permanently visible bars and the button of the new Car Control Center. Many of them can also be controlled with voice control. Various touch sliders are now illuminated for extra ease of use. The light strip of the interactive ID. Light supports the driver in navigation, for example, and warns of any danger. In the ID. Long-wheelbase Buzz also debuts a head-up display.

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Practical details are the USB-C ports with powers of up to 45 W for fast charging of smart devices and the ID. Buzz Box, in which larger objects such as bottles and laptops can be stored and taken with you. The Box can be attached at various points in the interior.

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Larger battery pack

The long wheelbase has the additional advantage that there is room for a larger battery pack with a capacity of 86 kWh. Just like the standard battery pack (77 kWh), the new version can be charged quickly with 170 kW direct current. The ID. Long-wheelbase Buzz is also available with a new 210 kW/286 hp electric motor driving the rear wheels. The maximum torque is 550 Nm. With the new electric motor, the electronically limited top speed is 160 km/h (top speed regular ID. Buzz: 145 km/h).

Pleasant and practical

The lithium-ion battery pack is located in the vehicle floor, which ensures a low center of gravity. Together with the McPherson front suspension and the multi-link construction at the rear, this results in neutral handling. The turning radius of the ID. Long Wheelbase Buzz measures 11,8m (Regular ID. Buzz: 11,1m). The generous width of 1,20 meters between the rear wheel arches makes loading wide items even easier. There is a choice of 18, 19 or 20 inch wheels. Low rolling resistance tires are always standard.

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