Performance lists continue to be a valuable tool in travel planning and help passengers make decisions.

Qatar Airways led the list last year, but this year the airline is in second place. Air New Zealand is officially Airline of the Year, at least according to, an Australian-based aviation safety and product rating agency. 

Air Baltic has been named Best Regional Airline. Singapore Airlines won Best First Class, while Virgin Australia/Virgin Atlantic won Best Cabin Crew. Best-In-Flight Entertainment and Best Premium Economy went to Emirates, while Qantas picked up Best Lounges.

The Top 25 premium airlines are Air New Zealand, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Virgin Australia/Virgin Atlantic, EVA Air, Cathay Pacific Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa/Swiss, SAS, TAP Portugal, All Nippon Airways, Delta Air Lines, Air Canada, British Airways, Jet Blue, JAL, Vietnam Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Hawaiian, KLM, Alaska Airlines and United Airlines.

To compile the list, researched the important government and safety audits, as well as the age of the airline fleet, passenger sentiment, profitability, investment ratio, product offering and customer relationships. 

(Text continues below the photo) is a well-known website that rates airlines on safety and product level. It is a useful source of information for passengers around the world who want to make travel decisions based on detailed and objective evaluations.

Founded in 2013, quickly became recognized for its thorough approach to airline rating. It uses a thorough rating system that takes into account various aspects such as operational history, operational excellence and aviation regulations.

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After a few years in which air traffic declined due to the pandemic, travelers started to explore the skies again. Disappointment everywhere because they ended up in a major aviation chaos of canceled flights, lost luggage and overworked or striking staff. 

List of the 25 best airlines for 2023:

1. Air new zealand
2 Qatar Airways
3 Etihad Airways
4. Korean Air
5 Singapore Airlines
6. Qantas
7. Virgin Australia / Virgin Atlantic
8 EVA Air
9 Cathay Pacific Airways
10 Emirates
11. Lufthansa / Swiss
12. S.A.S.
13. TAP Portugal
14. All Nippon Airways
15. Delta Airlines 16.
Air Canada 17.
British Airways
19. JAL
20. Vietnam Airlines
21 Turkish Airlines
22. Hawaiian
23. KLM
24. Alaska Airlines
25. United airlines is updated annually to ensure information remains current and relevant to passengers. It also has special awards such as “Airline of the Year”, “Best First Class”, “Best Business Class”, “Best Economy Class” and “Best Low-Cost Airline”, which help to distinguish airlines that provide exceptional services. deliver in their respective categories.

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