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Student transport in Den Bosch will be provided by Willemsende Koning from 1 August.

The transport company Willemsende Koning, one of the larger companies in the Netherlands in the field of small-scale passenger transport, complied with all award criteria. After a weighting of 50% for the quality of the implementation plan, 10% for sustainability and 40% for the price, the company won the tender for student transport for the initial term of 6 years. 

The agreement can be extended for two periods of one year. The transport includes adapted transport, as described in the student transport regulation, of students within the municipality of Den Bosch. In addition to student transport within Den Bosch, Willemsen de Koning will also provide trips to and from schools, internship locations, youth care locations and sheltered workplaces (for WeenerXL) in Vught and Sint-Michielsgestel from 1 August.

no guarantee

Proven services are no guarantee for the future. After a tender procedure, the Arnhem carrier turned out to be the suitable successor for Van Driel, who has had a difficult period in Den Bosch due to a lack of drivers. Student transport for special education in the municipality of Den Bosch went wrong. The reason was a staff shortage at Van Driel and journeys were not made on time, causing students to arrive late at school.


At least forty percent of the vehicle kilometers (loaded and unladen) must be driven with vehicles that are emission-free. These are electric vehicles or hydrogen vehicles. An exception to this are vehicles in which wheelchair-bound pupils or mobility scooters are transported. Entries below the minimum of 40,00% and above the maximum of 100,00% and maximum 70,00% respectively are invalid and will be excluded.

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two lots

Tendering for both lots by the same contractor was not permitted. Den Bosch has opted to go through a European public procurement procedure without pre-selection. Until 2029, pupils, employees of Weener XL and children from youth care who have to be outside the municipality of Den Bosch, Vught or Sint-Michielsgestel will be Munckhof transported.


Willemsende Koning has started it recruit drivers and tidying up the fleet. If you want to get started, you can. During the school season, you transport a group of students to and from school from Monday to Friday. If you do not yet have a taxi pass, they will arrange and reimburse the training.

Photo: Willemsende Koning Groep / Munckhof

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