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The stable doors opened to the public and the family was bombarded with many questions. Finally, it is interesting to know that a cow can produce up to 40 packs of Campina milk per day.

The family has 125 cows and 60 calves and participated in the Campina Open Farm Days for the sixth time this year. Leo Coppens (38) and Nicolle Jansen (36) own a dairy farm where the cows are milked 24 hours a day with 2 milking robots. After a first edition on the first Friday after Ascension Day, dairy farmers throughout the Netherlands again showed where our dairy comes from on Whit Monday.

Caring for and dealing with the animals and working in the open air is what they enjoy most about working as a Campina dairy farmer. The calves are also reared on the farm to become dairy cows. During the Campina Open Farm Days show farmer families where dairy products come from and how their business contributes to a sustainable future.

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Photo: Pitane Blue - Fun and educational for the whole family!

A mix of learning and fun makes the Campina Open Farm Days a great day out for families.

Every year on specific days in spring, usually during Ascension Day and Pentecost, dozens of farms across the Netherlands open their gates for this special occasion. This year we went to take a look at the Veldhovensedijk in Riethoven. A unique opportunity to get acquainted with farm life. There were various fun and educational activities for young and old, such as a farm tour, tasting, face painting and a bouncy castle. At the end of the tour, the children received a cow medal to take home.

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Photo: Pitane Blue - Dairy farm Coppens in Riethoven

Many people don't think about where their food comes from, and this is a wonderful opportunity to learn that and to show gratitude to the people who fulfill this vital role in our society.

The Campina Open Farm Days are a special tradition in the Netherlands, in which farms open their doors to the public. The event is an initiative of the well-known Dutch dairy company Campina and aims to introduce the public to daily farm life. This is done by connecting visitors with the farmers, their animals and nature, and giving them an insight into how the dairy products they consume every day are produced.

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Photo: Pitane Blue - Dairy farm Coppens in Riethoven

Campina is a leading Dutch dairy producer with a long history. The company was originally founded as a cooperative of local dairy farmers who joined forces to produce high quality dairy products. Today, Campina is an international player, supplying a wide range of dairy products, including milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt and cream.

Campina is known for its sustainability initiatives and its commitment to animal welfare. The company places great emphasis on environmental protection and promoting sustainable dairy farming. For example, Campina regularly uses techniques for sustainable agriculture and encourages its dairy farmers to invest in environmentally friendly practices.

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