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Friday, May 26, it happened again in Eindhoven. Around 7.55:XNUMX am, a truck may have run a red light and had to emergency services turn out for an accident with injury on Anthony Fokkerweg in Eindhoven. The incident happened at the exit of the highway where a passenger car was hit by a truck that continued on the Anthony Fokkerweg.

The fact that all traffic was already moving indicates that it was green and the truck that was still at the intersection may have driven through a red light. Research will have to show that. The first report for the emergency services came in at 08.04:XNUMX a.m. via the pager with the report of a road transport accident with injury on Anthony Fokkerweg Eindhoven, after which the emergency services rushed to the scene of the collision.

Immediately after the collision, a driver behind got out to offer assistance to the passenger car that had ended up on the verge. The impact was so severe that airbags were deployed by the impact. The traffic accident caused a lot of inconvenience in both directions on the exits during the morning rush hour.

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Photo: Pitane Blue - road closure after traffic accident

Call 112 in an emergency. Whether a trauma helicopter, an ambulance service, the police or the fire brigade is required. You can be assured that the right emergency services will be on site as quickly as possible.

In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of trucks running red lights more and more often. The consequences of this can range from traffic violations and fines to, in the worst case, serious and sometimes fatal accidents. This development worries both traffic authorities and citizens, and raises questions about the possible causes of this trend.

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It is clear that this growing trend of trucks running a red light is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. By understanding the causes and implementing practical solutions, we can hope for a safer future on the road for all.

An important cause can be found in the tight time schedules that truck drivers often have to deal with. Delivery times are tight and the logistics chain tolerates few errors. The requirement to complete deliveries on time can lead drivers to take risks, such as running a red light to save time.


You can call the emergency services 112 when a situation is life-threatening, or in the event of, for example, a serious traffic accident in which people have been injured and immediate help is required. For the deaf and hard of hearing, there is a possibility to call with a text telephone to the number: 0800-8112. If there is no text telephone available, it is also possible to contact us using a smartphone or computer.

Vehicles collect more and more data about traffic, the driving behavior of the driver and the performance of the car itself. Research has shown that this application in vehicles promotes driving behavior and supports the prevention of dangerous driving behaviour. An Event Data Recorder (EDR) records vehicle data in the seconds before and after a potential accident. 

As technological developments continue exponentially, more and more regulations are also being drafted to accompany these developments. One of the latest and most prominent examples of this is the introduction of mandatory Event Data Recorders (EDRs), also known as 'black boxes', in vehicles. This obligation, adopted by the European Union, is intended to improve road safety, but also raises questions about privacy and data security.

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An EDR is a device installed in a vehicle that records data related to the vehicle and its operation, primarily in the seconds before, during and after an accident.

The introduction of mandatory EDRs in vehicles represents an important step forward in efforts to improve road safety. This technology can provide invaluable information that can help reduce accidents and improve safety standards. At the same time, there are legitimate concerns about privacy and data security. It is important that regulators strike a balance between these two aspects, ensuring that individuals' rights and freedoms are respected while striving for greater road safety.

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