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Travelers from Spain and Morocco are particularly affected.

To own reporting of Transavia, the airline has now completed the planning for the summer. Due to a shortage of planes, they have had to change their flight schedule before. On top of that, they have built in more security for passengers. For example, they will have more aircraft on hand in the coming months to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

With this they want to avoid having to disappoint passengers at the last minute. At the same time, they are well aware that the changes in their flight schedule will disrupt passenger travel plans. Despite apologizing for this, many holidaymakers have fallen victim to poor planning, regardless of the cause.


Transavia indicates that they have sent an e-mail to the main booker or the travel organization with more information about rights and options. Also in June they have to change and cancel flights. On this page you will find an overview of all canceled flights in June. If your flight is not in the table, you can assume that your flight will continue in June. 

EU Claim

According to EUClaim, many airlines still do not comply with Regulation 261/2004 and often incorrectly invoke an 'extraordinary circumstance'. The driven team of EU Claim sorted out all Transavia flights that will not take place this summer. This is according to the top 5 destinations with the most canceled flights in July and August. 

  1. Alicante I&II
  2. Malaga
  3. Faro
  4. Marrakesh
  5. Valencia

Are you flying to one of these destinations with Transavia in July? Then check not once, not twice, but at least three times whether your flight is actually going ahead. Especially if you use Eindhoven Airport, at this airport, relatively speaking, most flights are canceled by Transavia this summer. Most of the canceled flights fly to Spain and Morocco, flight data specialist Paul Vaneker of EUclaim (legal assistance to affected airline passengers) was informed about this. interviewed by AD.

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Photo: © Pitane Blue - Transavia

On May 25, all passengers with a changed or canceled flight in July or August were notified. This concerns less than 2% of the flights. We have tried to offer these passengers the best possible alternative. That worked out for almost everyone.


All passengers and tour operators with a changed or canceled flight have been notified by email. This e-mail states what your options and options are right-wing are. For example, you can rebook your tickets or request a refund. And you will be reimbursed for any expenses such as an extra hotel night. NB! If you have booked through a travel organization, the travel organization will contact you if there are any changes to your trip.

Have you not received an e-mail and is your flight not in the lists of canceled flights? Then you can assume that your flight will continue. As is normally the case, there can of course always be unforeseen circumstances that unfortunately cause a flight to be cancelled. You can also check the status of your flight in My Transavia.

Now all cancellations are known and processed in our booking system. You can therefore assume that the flight you want to book will continue. Of course, unexpected circumstances can always arise, as is usually the case.


Transavia currently has a shortage of 5 aircraft due to damage, repairs and delayed delivery. We can deploy the 3 aircraft that are delivered later than planned from June and July. In addition, they work hard on the repairs of the other aircraft. Unfortunately, these are taking longer than planned due to a delay in the delivery of parts.

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