Osman's story is an inspiring example of how technological innovation can positively impact the taxi industry.

In the streets of Antwerp we meet Osman Kaya, a friendly and engaging taxi driver with Turkish roots. Kaya, a veteran of the trade with over a decade of experience, has recently combined his passion for technology with his daily driving routine.

He talks with great enthusiasm about the benefits of the Pitane Driver App, which is seamlessly linked to the Flemish government database Chiron. Kaya heard about the app from fellow taxi drivers. “They were very satisfied, so I decided to try it too. It turned out to be a great move. Since then my work has changed significantly, in a positive way.”

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Each ride brings new challenges, encounters and discoveries.

What really sets Kaya apart is his ability to connect with his passengers. He listens carefully to their stories, shares his own experiences and shows a genuine interest in their lives.

The proud Turkish man has fully dedicated himself to his work as a taxi driver in this Belgian city. With his warm smile, hospitality and positive attitude, he knows how to enjoy his profession every day. For him, every working day starts as a new adventure. He gets into his taxi, makes sure everything is clean and tidy and gets ready to meet people from all over the world. He realizes that his job is not only about transporting passengers from one destination to another, but also about creating a positive experience and providing comfort during their journey.

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By using the Pitane Mobility Driver App it is much easier to manage his administration. “I can track my rides, manage revenue and even plan rides on the go, all within the app. This makes my job much easier,” says Kaya. “Moreover, thanks to the connection with Chiron, customers can be sure that they have a registered, reliable taxi driver.”

Osman's story is an inspiring example of how technological innovation can positively impact the taxi industry. By embracing apps like Pitane, taxi drivers like Osman can simplify administration, improve customer communication and seamlessly comply with government regulations. It is a fascinating look at the future of the taxi industry, in which technology plays an increasingly important role.

No expensive leasing of tablets in the taxi and, above all, good guidance during the connection with Chiron. These are just about the greatest assets of Censys BV, as a result of which they link new companies throughout Flanders to the government database Chiron on a daily basis.

The central system what Pitane Mobility on the market in Flanders makes a printer superfluous. You always have access to your trips, fleet and other data. The ticket is automatically sent to the customer. The taxi driver has a Pitane Driver app on the phone where rides can be booked or started and stopped. Electronic payments are possible and the ticket is immediately sent, shown or printed to the customer.

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