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More electric scooters will be made and rental services will be offered.

For four decades, the Netherlands has enjoyed the Spanish temperament on the road. From the first Rondas and the Alhambra to the latest Ibiza. And yet for the real Seat drivers, the big question is what will the future of Seat look like? If they do not build electric vehicles, the real enthusiasts will have to say goodbye to the Spanish brand and Volkswagen Group can allow the Seat subsidiary brand to grow into a provider of micromobility.

Seat is known for producing compact cars with a sporty look. In the past, Seat has launched several models that were popular in Europe, such as the Ibiza, Leon and Ateca. But as it stands, the brand needs to step aside and Cupra, an independent entity within SEAT with its own growth ambitions, lead the electric revolution in the coming years. 

“SEAT put Spain on wheels with the SEAT 600, laying the foundations for Spain to become what it is today: the second largest car manufacturer in Europe and the ninth in the world. Now is the time to put Spain on electric wheels.”

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As it stands now, the Cupra brand has to let go of its own growth ambitions.

For four decades, the Netherlands has enjoyed the Spanish Seat temperament on the road and the question is what will micromobility look like?

It has been known for some time that the future of Seat as a car within the VW Group is hanging by a thread. The company will focus on the new forms of mobility that young people need, such as sharing, subscriptions and micromobility. The brand already has a lot of experience in this area with SEAT MO, one of the most important sharing services in Barcelona, ​​which has sold 10.000 electric motorcycles in 15 markets in the last two years.

SEAT SA is also developing the future of the SEAT brand. It is currently revamping its Ibiza, Arona and SEAT Leon models to continue offering plug-in hybrids and efficient combustion vehicles until the end of the decade.

The company is in better shape than ever. At Automobile Barcelona, ​​the company made the best results for a first quarter in its history. Between January and March, SEAT SA recorded a record operating profit of 144 million euros, an improvement of 139 million euros compared to the first quarter of last year, and a turnover of 3,6 billion euros, an increase of 48% compared to the first quarter. three months of 2022. These historical figures are due to CUPRA, which drives the growth of the company's financial results, and to the current great momentum of the SEAT brand.

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