Both shareholders and the board of directors are very dissatisfied with the results of the past year.

Saskia Schatteman was appointed as a new member of the Supervisory Board for four years. In addition, Roelf de Boer was reappointed as a member of the Supervisory Board for a term of one year. Ebusco Holding NV (Ebusco, Euronext: EBUS), a pioneer and leader in the development of electric buses and charging systems, held its annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGM) last Wednesday at the company's head office in Deurne.


According to the Telegraaf investor Teslin made an urgent appeal to the Supervisory Board to find someone to replace De Boer who understands how production can be scaled up. Production must be increased as quickly as possible in order to generate profit. Ebusco wants to go to three thousand electric buses per year as soon as possible. According to the newspaper, the company is not yet building two buses a day.

"There are buses in the parking lot that are 96% finished, but then they just miss an LED bar for the destinations. Then you can't deliver them."

Bijvelds attributes the production problems mainly to supply problems. As a result, many buses could not be delivered on time. Ebusco is doing even worse on the stock market. The share price has dropped from €23,20 at the IPO in October 2021 to less than €7,80 on Wednesday afternoon.

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Photo: Pitane Blue -Ebusco during the presentation in Houten

The Supervisory Board nominated the Belgian Saskia Schatteman (1968) for appointment at the AGM as a member of the Supervisory Board for a period of four years. We know Schatteman as CEO at VAR, the media director for advertising space on VRT. In addition, she has extensive experience in the public and private sector (including at Microsoft, Telenet and Procter & Gamble). Thanks to her extensive knowledge of the public transport market (at De Lijn and NMBS) and experience with the Belgian market, Schatteman is a welcome addition to the Supervisory Board.


Roelf de Boer (1949) was nominated for reappointment at the AGM as member of the Supervisory Board for a second term, for a period of one year. De Boer was first appointed as a member of the Supervisory Board of Ebusco on October 26, 2021 and is a valued member due to his extensive experience in the transport industry. He held various positions in the port and transport industry, including at Koninklijke Nedlloyd Group, as well as various public and semi-public positions, including as Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management. De Boer has been a member of the Supervisory Board for over a year and a half and is chairman of the Remuneration Committee. With his reappointment, Mr. de Boer's membership will be extended from 1 to more than 2,5 years and the Supervisory Board will strengthen its continuity.


Ebusco is a company from Deurne and has activities in the consumer services sector. Ebusco was founded in 2010, has its head office in Deurne and has 321 employees. Under the leadership of the CEO, Peter Bijvelds, Ebusco achieved a turnover of €2022 million and a net result of €-111,6 million in the 31,7 financial year. There are four known shareholders with a common interest of 83,22% in Ebusco. These shareholders are Peter Bijvelds (35,37%), Van der Valk Investments BV (21,79%), ING Groep NV (20,95%) and Teslin Participaties Coöperatief UA (5,11%). The three-person Executive Board consists of CEO Peter Bijvelds (1978), CFO Paul van Beers (1965) and COO Bob Fleuren (1978).

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