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"I declare and promise that."

Jeffrey van Gils (28) started this week at KNV, where he will be engaged in work for the national interest group for public transport companies, OV-NL, and will take the lead on behalf of KNV in the further development of so-called 'connected mobility', or Mesh. With extensive experience in the political-administrative world, Van Gils will replace policy officer Sonila Metushi, who previously made the transfer from Royal Dutch Transport as EU Public Affairs Manager to ABN-AMRO. 

Before this, Jeffrey van Gils, born and raised in Zoetermeer, worked as head of policy support for the VVD party in Rotterdam. The transport sector is not new to him, as he has been spokesperson for mobility in local politics as a councilor in Zoetermeer for many years. Prior to that, Jeffrey was an employee of various VVD MPs, including personal assistants of Member of Parliament Jan Middendorp and Silvio Erkens.

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In March, Van Gils made the news because, as a councilor of the Zoetermeer VVD, he and councilor Esmael Zamani of D66 asked written questions to the council about the night bus between Zoetermeer and Leiden. The Zoetermeer VVD and D66 wanted to know from the municipal council what had happened to the Zuid-Holland Noord concession from the wish for a night bus between Zoetermeer and Leiden and whether a night bus would run again.

We are working hard to get nighttime public transport back in Zoetermeer "Especially to make Zoetermeer an attractive place to live for the young, highly educated. Young adults who are now largely fleeing the city and only return to a limited extent."

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Photo: Pitane Blue - KNV office Bezuidenhoutseweg The Hague

In recent years I have completed my studies in economics and business economics at Erasmus University. As an economist, I understand that society depends on the efforts of our entrepreneurs and that the government should interfere as little as possible.

From his new workplace, with a view of Bezuidenhoutseweg in The Hague within the office of the business organization Royal Dutch Transport, Jeffrey van Gils will work with, among other things, the MaaS Lab, a partnership of parties from the business community involved in the development of Mobility as a Service in the Netherlands. 

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After the departure of Sonila Metushi, who led the cart within KNV of the MaaS-Lab for almost 5 years, Van Gils has the difficult task of reforming the lab in its current form. Perhaps KNV will make it clear in the coming months what they want to do with this part of their organization.

We wish Jeffrey every success in his new challenge.

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