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The increase is high and is related to the increased cost of materials.

After calculation, ProRail has announced the track user fee for 2024. This resulted in a 14% increase in remuneration. In the end, it was decided to increase the usage fee by 10,5%.

Carriers and other rail users use the user charge to pay for the use of the rail. This includes use of the track itself, overhead lines, stations and stabling facilities for trains. For example, they pay part of the total costs of the management and maintenance of the rail infrastructure.

This indexation is calculated on the basis of the inflation of the past two years, the current year and the following year. To accommodate carriers and shippers, it has been decided to set the expected inflation for 2024 at 0 percent for the time being.

Price increases

The increase is high and is related to the increased cost of materials. A lower increase in the reimbursement is not feasible because of these costs. That would lead to a financial gap that would prevent us from carrying out the planned management and maintenance in its entirety.


ProRail is responsible for the railway network in the Netherlands. We work day and night to ensure that travelers and goods reach their destination safely and on time. We do this together with carriers. We also work with recognized rail contractors.

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