Due to protocol, several fire engines came to the airport.

A Wizz Air plane ran into problems on Sunday afternoon shortly after its departure to Katowice, Poland, from Eindhoven Airport. According to ed, the plane returned to Eindhoven due to a collision with a bird. The fire service has come to the airport as a precaution.

When an airplane collides with a bird, pilots and airlines follow a series of protocols to ensure safety. These protocols may vary depending on the exact incident and the parties involved.

Photo: Pitane Blue - landing aircraft Wizz Air at Eindhoven Airport

According to a spokesperson for Eindhoven Airport, the situation is under control, according to the Eindhovense Dagblad. Due to protocol, several fire engines came to the airport. The fire service said the plane landed safely and none of the 183 people on board were injured.

Preventing bird strikes is also an important part of aviation safety. This may include the use of bird deterrent systems at airports, as well as adjustments to flight routes and schedules to avoid areas of high bird activity.

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