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These behavioral changes can significantly improve the traffic jam experience, contributing to better mobility for everyone.

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has introduced rules to make traffic jams safer and more efficient for all road users. These rules are designed to improve traffic flow, prevent accidents and improve the overall experience during traffic jams.

You regularly see motorcyclists in a traffic jam driving forward between the traffic jams, one thinks this is fine and the other might be annoyed by it. After all, everyone has to join the traffic jam, so why not the motorcyclist? Do rules actually apply to this and what are they? Until 1991 it was forbidden in the Netherlands to drive through traffic jams. It has not been banned since 1991 and you can drive your motorcycle slowly through a traffic jam. A traffic jam code of conduct has also been drawn up by the Motor Platform, which contains all the rules for safely driving through traffic jams. 

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Irritation and accidents can be prevented by good teamwork between motorcyclists and motorists.

Some motorists find it annoying when motorcyclists drive through traffic jams, but it is actually very positive. Imagine that all those motorcyclists also have to join the traffic jam, then the traffic jam is even longer and you have to wait even longer. It is also safer for the motorcyclist not to join the traffic jam because a motorcyclist is very vulnerable in a rear-end collision. There are rules during the traffic jam for both motorcyclists and motorists. Irritation and accidents can be prevented by good teamwork between motorcyclists and motorists. Motor platform has drawn up a special traffic jam code for motorcyclists and motorists during a traffic jam:

The rules for motorcyclists during a traffic jam are:

  • Drive through the traffic jam at an appropriate speed, the speed difference between the motorcycle and the car may not exceed 10 km per hour.
  • Be alert to drivers changing lanes and open car doors in hot weather.
  • If you ride with several motorcyclists, drive slowly one after the other and keep at least 2 cars distance between each other.
  • Gradually reduce speed as you approach the traffic jam and turn on your hazard lights to warn traffic behind you. Do not use hazard lights/flashing lights when driving through traffic jams.
  • If you are the last one in a traffic jam, turn on your hazard lights and keep a sufficient distance from your predecessor.
  • As soon as the traffic jam starts up again, merge back into the lane behind the cars.

The rules for motorists during a traffic jam are:

  • Take a good look in your mirrors, so you can see if a motorcycle is approaching.
  • Use the center of the lane or if you drive on the left the left side of your lane and if you drive on the right the right side of the lane to give motorcyclists more space.
  • Always check your mirrors when changing lanes and watch out for motorcyclists.
  • Do not open your door unnecessarily when you are in a traffic jam because it is too hot, for example, this can be very dangerous for motorcyclists
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