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If you want to get your driver's license, look for driving schools with the highest success rates in your area.

Failing your exam is never pleasant, but when a student fails his practical exam at the Central Bureau for Driving Skills (CBR), it is not only disappointing for the student himself, but there is also a shared responsibility and guilt with the driving school. The instructor fails with the student at the practical exam because after all, he is the only one who can assess whether the student was ready to drive or whether additional driving lessons were necessary.

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A remarkable situation occurred at a driving school in Amsterdam. A student failed his practical exam, but at the same time he also held the instructor of the driving school responsible because the driving school had not realized that the student was not yet ready to take the exam at the Central Office for Driving Skills (CBR). The student indicated that unnecessary costs were incurred and that an exam was lost at the CBR, even though there is a shortage of examiners, which causes long waiting times.

The 20-year-old student from Amsterdam had prepared well for the exam and was convinced that he would be able to pass the driving license according to his instructor's estimation. The driving school, which had been guiding the student for some time, had registered him for the practical exam at the CBR, convinced that he had sufficient driving skills. During the exam, however, it became clear that the student still had insufficient control over the car, forcing the examiner to lower it. This led to disappointment for the student.

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A driving school instructor is responsible for teaching a student the necessary skills and knowledge to pass the driving test at the CBR (Central Bureau for Driving Skills) in the Netherlands. While the instructor plays an important role in student preparation, it is ultimately the student's responsibility to apply what they learn during the exam.

Driving schools may be under pressure to compete with other driving schools, and therefore require learners to drive faster to present themselves as a faster and cheaper option.

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A driving school instructor is responsible for teaching the necessary skills.

If a student believes that the instructor offers insufficient support or guidance, it is advisable to discuss this with the instructor or possibly consider another driving school.

The number of students who pass the driving test is far too low, according to the CBR (Central Office for Driving Skills). If a student fails the driving test, it can be due to various factors, such as nerves, a bad day, or insufficient preparation. Although it is possible that the quality of the instruction influences the result, it is difficult to hold the driving school instructor directly responsible for a student's failure. There can be several reasons why driving instructors let students drive too early at the CBR, which can lead to failing the exam. 

Due to the long waiting times at the CBR to take an exam, an instructor may decide to book an exam in the hope that the student will be ready by then, but the student may not have made enough progress in the end.

A driving instructor may misjudge a student's skills and believe that the student is ready for the exam, when this is not the case. This can happen due to a lack of experience on the part of the instructor or insufficient communication between the instructor and the student. Sometimes students may insist on driving off, even if the instructor advises them to take more lessons or practice more. The instructor may give in to the pressure and let the student drive off, despite realizing they may not be ready.

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The CBR is also concerned about the low success rates. That is why the organization already had one a few years ago driving school finder online, with which you can see which driving schools in your area have the best success rates. It is stated on the basis of how many exams that is, because a score of 100 percent in only a handful of exams is obviously not representative.

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