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The singers Froukje, MEAU and Tabitha are ambassadors for freedom this year and fly across the country by helicopter to perform.

The Ambassadors of Freedom are a fixed value during the celebration of Liberation Day. Singers Froukje, Tabitha and MEAU take on the role this year. It is an honorable, but also hectic task: the artists travel by helicopter through the Netherlands to sing at several Liberation Festivals. If you visit one of the fourteen Liberation Festivals, it is wise to bring rain gear. Despite pleasant temperatures, it can also rain heavily, Weeronline warns.


Mau (22) hoped to be an artist at the Liberation Festivals one day. "I didn't expect it to go so fast." Especially for May 5, she will delve into women's rights. The music world is still ruled by men. But that will soon change with all those young female artists on the rise! Singer songwriter Meau attended the Herman Brood Academy. She makes small, pure songs about everyday subjects such as love, personal development and loneliness. She scored a hit with 'That's you done.'


Singer Froukje (21) finds the ambassadorship very honorable. She previously participated in the Theater op de Dam and the silent spots of the committee 4 and 5 May. Froukje is a singer-songwriter, she studied at the Conservatory in Rotterdam. Her first song 'Bigger than me' was released in 2020 and was a protest song about the climate crisis. Her career went very fast, in 2022 she performed at all major festivals. And now at the Liberation Festivals.

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Tabitha (30) sees the Liberation Festivals as a bucket list thing if you are an artist in the Netherlands. But especially as a beautiful stage for her message that we should love more. She also thinks it is important that we learn from history and that more attention is paid to Suriname. Singer Tabitha is always open about personal struggles on social media. She wants to help others who are struggling and founded the Beautiful as you are foundation with her sister, with which she encourages young people to enter into a process of self-acceptance. 'I always convey a message with my music. My songs are about my life, what I stand for and what I believe in.'


The makers of NOS Artists for Freedom report on how the three experience the day. In addition, presenter Evita Mac-nack will be present live at the Liberation Festival in Zwolle. She talks to acts that have performed including Blanks, the Salland rock formation Bökkers and singer S10. In addition, Mac-nack goes through the highlights of Liberation Festivals elsewhere in the country. DI-RECT will perform at the end of both the Zwolse festival and the broadcast.

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