The Veldstraat in Ghent is a narrow street in poor condition, there are large cobblestones with a lot of space in between and also tram tracks.

In the busiest shopping street in Ghent, a woman fell badly on a bicycle on Friday and was taken to hospital with serious injuries. In the meantime, she is out of danger. it was initially thought that the woman got stuck in the tram tracks with the bicycle, but that turned out not to be the case. According to two witnesses, the bicycle slid on a raised and slippery curb.

Tram traffic was briefly disrupted by the accident, several carriages came to a standstill in the shopping street and could no longer move. The place was released for all tram traffic after an hour. The tram tracks have been a topic of discussion in Ghent for some time. At the end of 2021, a cyclist was killed after slipping on the tram tracks in Vlaanderenstraat.


Last week it was hit in Wondelgem. An accident occurred between a tram and a passenger car. The driver of the car, an elderly lady, had to be freed. The accident happened around 14.50 pm in the Meerkoetlaan in the Ghent borough of Wondelgem. That took more than an hour, tram traffic came to a standstill in both directions between Wondelgem and Evergem.

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In Ghent there are large cobblestones with a lot of space in between and also tram tracks.

The center of the city is more often in the picture with tram failures or accidents due to the tram tracks. Recently, in the center of Ghent on the Korenmarkt in the direction of Veldstraat, a derailed tram for a lot of inconvenience. The tram that derailed due to a technical defect in the switch gave De Lijn employees a lot of work to push it back onto the track. There were no injuries in the incident.

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