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The mission of 9292 is to quickly and easily familiarize everyone with public transport and fun day trips.

Together with the children, or with a friend? It's possible because 9292 is launching a new platform on which travelers can easily buy tickets for a day trip. In this way, 9292 also helps travelers in their search for the best attractions, parks and museums. The adventure starts on the way in the bus, metro, tram or train!

At 9292, in addition to the well-known travel advice and buying e-tickets for public transport, travelers can now also find entrance tickets for the best day trips. Of course, all day trips are easily accessible by public transport. You can easily travel by bus to AquaZoo Leeuwarden from Leeuwarden station, or by tram to Madurodam from The Hague Central station. There is currently a choice of about twenty outings and the range is constantly being expanded.

"After buying your ticket for a day out, you can also immediately plan the journey there and purchase your public transport tickets. This way you can arrange your entire journey via 9292."

To celebrate the launch of this new platform together with travelers, 9292 and partners are temporarily offering a number of highlighted days out with an attractive discount. You can buy the tickets at and the promotional period runs until 28 May 2023.  

Moko Museum

We have already selected one that deserves attention. The Moco Museum in Amsterdam is an independent museum with an extensive collection of inspiring modern, contemporary and street art. With the aim of making art accessible to everyone. So there are in it Moko Museum works by Banksy and Warhol, among others. These artists particularly excel in the irony they apply to contemporary society.

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The Moco Museum in Amsterdam makes a wide range of modern and contemporary art available to the general public.

Over 9292

9292 has been an expert in travel information for over 30 years. 9292 stands for reliable and up-to-date travel information, for travelers throughout the Netherlands and just across the border. The mission of 9292 is to quickly and easily familiarize everyone with public transport. In addition, 9292 Travel Information Group also wants to support public transport companies, governments and the business community in performing their tasks within public transport. 9292 is a partnership of all public transport companies in the Netherlands. 

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