The platforms will be widened and extended and an extra bicycle shed with more than 8500 spaces will be added.

Amsterdam Central is on the eve of a large-scale renovation. This renovation is necessary to allow more trains to run in the future and to create more space for passengers. One of the components is the renovation of the western passenger tunnel. ProRail divides the work into phases. Contractor BAM will furnish workspace and storage. This means that a number of shops in the western passenger tunnel will close from mid-May. The next phase will start on December 11, 2023. Then the center side of the western passenger tunnel and the entrances to tracks 1 and 2 will close until mid-2024. Tracks 4 to 15 will remain accessible from the IJ side.

ramp disappears

The ramp is removed. This no longer meets current standards, because it is too steep. Moreover, in the current situation there is no lift to the first platform. The existing ramp will make way for stairs and an escalator. There will also be two lifts that connect the entrance, the passenger tunnel and the first platform. The floor will have the same light tiles as are now in the floor on the center side of the station and in the monumental station concourse. The monumental arch construction under the first platform will also be restored; this is now still hidden behind sheet metal.

additional bicycle storage

Over the next seven years, ProRail will be working hard in and around Amsterdam Central Station. The platforms will be widened and extended and an extra bicycle shed with more than 8500 spaces will be added. This will connect to a new eastern passenger tunnel that will be made three times as wide and will accommodate shops. On the east side of the station, the Oosteraccess bridges will be renovated and we will build a grade-separated crossing at Dijksgracht.

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The work is extensive: a complex operation, while the trains continue to run and the station remains open. The number of train passengers at Amsterdam Central Station is expected to increase from 200.000 to 275.000 per day in 2030. More space is needed for passengers and for more trains. Travelers will soon be able to take a train between the major cities in the Randstad every ten minutes. More space will also be created for freight transport. In this way we connect Amsterdam with the rest of the Netherlands, and the Netherlands with the rest of Europe.

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