You can enjoy the special atmosphere that Trappist en route evokes in you for 44 km.

We mapped out another beautiful cycling route for you. The Trappist Route has been declared the most beautiful cycling route in Flanders. That is what the members of VAB have decided. The cycle route departs and arrives in Westmalle and drives through the Antwerp Kempen. You drive past the breweries, but also past the castle De Renesse. The nature and the many food and drink options were an asset to get the title.

Cycling the Trappist route in Westmalle is a wonderful way to discover the nature, culture and history of Belgium. Two Kempen abbeys, a medieval castle domain and a dose of top nature form the backdrop for this cycle route. For 200 years, the monks have been brewing their world-famous Trappist beer in Westmalle Abbey, which unfortunately cannot be visited. They wear the habit of the Cistercians - Trappists in the vernacular - and lead a secluded life according to the rules of Saint Benedict.

A third of the members of the mobility organization VAB have chosen the Trappist route of Malle as the most beautiful cycling route in Flanders.

The Trappist route in Malle, which passes both the Trappist abbey of Westmalle and that of the Trappist nuns of Brecht, has been voted the most beautiful cycle route in Flanders by the members of VAB. VAB Magazine called on its readers to choose their favorite cycling route. Ten cycle routes were selected for this purpose. The route leads cyclists to two Kempen abbeys, the domain of the fairytale-like, medieval Kasteel de Renesse (Oostmalle), the wide landscape of the Brechtse heath and the 's Herenbos reserve.

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A visit to the Trappist Abbey of Westmalle is a must for every cyclist on this route. The abbey was built in 1794 and is a beautiful example of Gothic Revival architecture. It is a quiet and spiritual place where you can enjoy the silence and nature.

In the Abbey of Our Lady of Nazareth, the Trappist nuns also dedicate their lives to silence, prayer and work. Only the bell tower of the abbey disturbs the silence in the vast landscape of the Brechtse heath. On the way, stop at the fairytale castle of Renesse and breathe in the fresh forest air of the 's Herenbos reserve.

This cycle route has been completely renewed. The starting point of this route is Antwerpsesteenweg 487 in Malle. The route has a basic route of 44 km and a shortening of 30 km. Finish off on the terrace of Café Trappisten with a full tankard of Trappist beer. So grab your bike and discover this beautiful route!

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