The first distribution points that are already ready can be found at Geldrop, Deurne and Heeze stations.

Nowadays you see the public transport bicycle passing by everywhere, in the city but certainly also in the countryside. Whether you go to work, to an appointment or to dinner with friends, take the OV-fiets for the last part of your journey. How convenient is this if your destination is not within walking distance of the station. You can rent the OV-fiets at almost 300 distribution points throughout the country at stations, at P+R areas and at bus or metro stops. At the moment, 21.700 bicycles are offered at the nearly 300 distribution points in the Netherlands.

You rent a bicycle with your personal OV chip card with a free OV bicycle season ticket or NS Flex season ticket. You can rent an OV-fiets at a parking facility with or without employees. In a parking facility without employees, for example, the bicycles are stored in a carousel, safe or in a bicycle rack. This may be different at every location, but that will change. NS has started converting all more than 170 OV-fiets distribution points without employees into easily recognizable OV-fiets distribution points. This is clearer and easier for the traveler because it will soon be the same everywhere. The carousel and vault will disappear, smaller stations will have a 'shelter' recognizable by the blue-yellow tubular frame. A pavilion (glass bicycle shed) will be installed at the larger stations for public transport bicycles only.

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The first distribution points that are already ready can be found at Geldrop, Deurne and Heeze stations. With the conversion of the distribution points, several hundred bicycles will be added, the demand for the public transport bicycle is increasing. All bicycles in the converted distribution points are equipped with the new OV bicycle lock. That lock can be opened with your OV chip card. The rental of the OV-fiets stops when you lock it in an OV-fiets zone at the rental location. You can rent a bicycle for €4.45 per 24 hours. From research by the Dutch railways the public transport bicycle gets a solid 8 from travelers!

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