The annual report for 2022 was presented and target group transport is coming off badly.

Ombudsman Rotterdam-Rijnmond received more complaints in the past year than in previous years, partly due to the large number of complaints about Trevvel. In 2022, the Ombudsman received 1654 complaints, mainly about Trevvel's student transport, the surcharge scandal and the energy surcharge. 

It came out last Thursday annual report of the ombudsman. In 2022, the complaints about Trevvel will mainly come from residents of Rotterdam. These are about late pick-up, no pick-up and the poor accessibility of Trevvel. The consequences of the problems at Trevvel are enormous and have a major impact on the lives of many Rotterdammers and their environment. Concerns about this were already in ORR's report on Trevvel from 2020. The Ombudsman for Children Stan Goudsmit also discussed the problems with student transport in the research into the daily life of children with disabilities that she conducted in 2022. 

student transport 

We have received many complaints about students not being picked up on time or not picked up at all. Students had to wait a long time and Trevvel was also difficult to reach to resolve the complaints. This caused a lot of stress for parents, children and teaching staff. As a result, the right to education of children was endangered. It is striking that teaching staff have also often turned to ORR. They were concerned about their students and often had to bring students home themselves or wait for Trevvel to finally appear.

At the end of 2022, the municipality of Rotterdam will only set up a compensation scheme for parents who want to take their child to school themselves instead of using Trevvel. The target group transport is getting off badly. The request from ORR and the Brede Raad to also compensate residents who have suffered damage due to the inadequate services provided by Trevvel has not yet been answered at the time of publication of this annual report.

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Trevvel Rotterdam - student transport

"This caused a lot of stress for parents, children and teaching staff," can be read in the annual report that appeared on Thursday.

Iffet Subaşı has also seen the report and concludes that residents of Rotterdam-Rijnmond had a lot to complain about their municipality in the past year. Most complainants were displeased Trevvel, with which there were major problems from the summer of 2022. A relatively large number of complaints also came from victims of the benefits scandal. According to Subaşı, there was also a great lack of understanding in the region about the imbalance between municipalities that paid different amounts for the energy surcharge.

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Iffet Subaşı - journalist AD Rotterdams Dagblad

Iffet Subaşı (33) does not shy away from difficult subjects. Since 2020 she has been a city reporter for AD Rotterdams Dagblad with a specialization in Rotterdam South and since 2022 she has also been a political reporter in Rotterdam. What also gives Subaşı great satisfaction is that she is allowed to interpret the news from the city. “You are actually a kind of service provider, because you provide people with information that keeps them informed of the news and allows them to form an opinion about it. In this way you ensure that readers maintain a connection with society,” says Subaşı.

"One day I'm listening to a heated debate in the city council at city hall, the next day I'm writing about a murder or shooting and talking to next of kin. It's so versatile."

On March 1, 2022, Marianne van den Anker was appointed as the new ombudsman of Rotterdam, Albrandswaard, Capelle aan den IJssel, Hellevoetsluis, Krimpen aan den IJssel, Nissewaard and Westvoorne. With her arrival, ORR is taking a new course, which is supported by a new mission and vision as handles for the coming years. It is worth mentioning that the 2022 annual report marks a break in the trend on several points. For example, one annual report will be drawn up for all municipalities that are affiliated with ORR, which will also include the work of children's ombudswoman Stans Goudsmit.

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