The start of the May holiday is going smoothly at Schiphol and Eindhoven Airport.


Airports are preparing for extreme crowds because of the May holiday. It is an unusual sight compared to last year at the start of the May holiday at Eindhoven Airport, a remarkably quiet and organized start of the May holiday. Eindhoven Airport, normally a busy and bustling airport, experiences a calm and rapid flow of departing holidaymakers on Friday afternoon. Our editors were surprised by the absence of the usual crowds and long queues on the Friday before the start of the May holiday. The May holiday is traditionally seen as the start of the summer season.

"We have deployed extra people to ensure that everything runs smoothly. There is not really a quiet May holiday, but everything is going smoothly so far."

The spokesperson says that the airport is well prepared for the bustle of the May holiday. The crowds at the check-in desks are not that bad this morning. Far outside the terminal they were now almost a year ago during the summer months. The eyes are therefore focused on the organization within the airports and airlines.

Rotterdam Airport

Last week we wrote about the striking declining numbers from the Rotterdam airport. The exact reason for the reduced crowds is still unknown. The recent developments regarding the economic situation and fuel prices may play a role in the reluctance of travelers to go on holiday now. The number of departing flights during the May holiday from the end of April to the beginning of May is 61 per day or 430 per week. Eindhoven Airport expects to process 63 departing flights per day or 440 per week during the summer holidays in July. Mondays, Fridays and Sundays will be the busiest days with between 20.000 and 24.000 passengers daily.

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Schiphol Airport

Meanwhile, Schiphol is preparing for a potentially busy period during the May holiday. Schiphol expects about 70.000 departing passengers on Friday. Despite the restrictions in passenger numbers, the airport has deployed extra staff to cope with the expected holiday rush hour. Travelers are advised to arrive at the airport on time to allow sufficient time to clear any queues at check-in desks and security checks. It is advisable to check in well in advance, to consult the current flight information and to have any travel documents in order.

Photo: Pitane Blue - Eindhoven Airport

The coming days will show whether the quiet start of the May holiday at Eindhoven Airport is a one-off phenomenon, or whether a trend may be visible that will continue.

Well-prepared travel starts with making sure you are at the airport on time. Our advice? Be present at Eindhoven Airport 2,5 hours before the departure of your flight. It is not necessary to be present in the terminal more than 2,5 hours before the departure of your flight. The airport opens at 04:30 and check-in desks close 45 minutes before departure.


Parking at the airports has also become a lot more expensive in most cases. Costs have risen at eleven of the sixteen airports surveyed. Striking is the large price increase for a week of parking at the busy airports of Brussels Airport, Charleroi Airport, Düsseldorf Airport, Eindhoven Airport and Cologne Bonn Airport. At those airports, parking fees have been increased by 31 percent to 55 percent. According to the website  can be seen that the majority of the airports have increased their prices. At Eindhoven Airport and Schiphol it is around 8 euros more for three days. Rotterdam The Hague Airport is striking, where parking for three days is no less than 28 euros more expensive.

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