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The total amount owed by Spyker Ltd therefore amounts to more than 3,1 million euros.

There is work to be done for the trustee in the coming reporting period. Research sales of intellectual property rights, including trademark rights, and requesting further accounting and other information are on the agenda. The latest bankruptcy report that has just been published shows that a follow-up investigation into the legality is required with respect to Spyker Ltd and Milan Morady with regard to paulianous and other legal acts in violation of the law.

In the past reporting period, Mr Muller again indicated that he had the amount due available. However, this notification has remained and a payment has still not been made. Spyker Ltd, among others, has therefore once again been summoned to pay the total amount due of € 1.450.000 and an amount of € 100.000 in estate contributions to the bankruptcy account. This summons has not been followed. The trustee is therefore continuing the preparations for the sale of the trademark rights. In addition, the trustee will also take any other necessary measures.

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Just before the bankruptcy of Spyker Services, valuable business units were said to have been withdrawn from the estate. This is the conclusion of the trustee who is settling the bankruptcies of sports car builder Spyker and its subsidiary.

According to the latter report a number of legal acts have taken place between Spyker Ltd and Spyker Services BV that can be regarded as fraudulent and/or settlements in current account have taken place that are contrary to art. 54 Bankruptcy Act and/or has an unlawful sale of various Spyker sports cars and the entire stock of Spyker Services BV taken place by Spyker Ltd.

The trustee wrote to Spyker Ltd about this on March 15, 2023. In this letter, Spyker Ltd was summoned to pay an amount of € 1.595.194,25. Spyker Ltd has not yet complied with this demand. Also requested in this letter payment of various other amounts owed by Spyker Ltd. The total amount owed by Spyker Ltd therefore amounts to € 3.145.194,25, of which € 2.695.194,25 to the estate of Spyker Services BV and € 450.000 to the estate of Spyker NV

Furthermore, on March 15, 2023, the trustee also wrote to Milan Morady SA in connection with the purchase of the entire stock of Spyker Services BV, which can be regarded as grandiose. The resulting loss is currently estimated at € 1.066.694. Milan Morady SA has also purchased a Spyker car for which the invoices have not been paid to Spyker Services BV. The trustee has summoned Milan Morady SA to pay an amount of € 1.121.694,25 to the estate.

Spyker Ltd

Spyker Ltd is a Dutch company that produced luxury sports cars. The company was founded in 1999 by Victor Muller and Maarten de Bruijn. Spyker has a long history in the automotive industry, dating back to the early 20th century when the original company, Spyker Automobielfabriek, was founded in 1880. However, the company went bankrupt in 1925 and was later revived by Muller and De Bruijn in 1999 Spyker Ltd built luxury sports cars with a focus on design, exclusivity and performance.

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