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Citizens from outside France needlessly suffer from a French pension problem.

The Irish low-cost airline Ryanair does not want to deny the French the right to strike, but believes that others should not fall victim to this. The riots and demonstrations in France against the regime of President Macron are getting completely out of hand. In recent months, the demonstrations have become increasingly numerous and larger in size.

Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson wonders why citizens from outside France needlessly bear the brunt of a French pension problem? “If there is a strike in Spain, Italy or Greece, overflying traffic can continue as usual. Not only in France. That is unacceptable,” said Wilson.

Last week, the flames hit the pan when Macron unilaterally sidelined parliament via constitutional article 49.3 to push through the announced pension reform. The unrest further increased after the only possibility for parliament to block the pension reform by motion fell. Two motions submitted were rejected.


Due to blockades by demonstrators at strategic junctions, more than 1.600 petrol stations are without petrol and diesel. There are also blockades of ports and oil depots. A major national strike has been announced by the unions for Thursday. Partly due to the harsh action of the riot police, the popular uprising is increasingly taking on the character of a civil war. According to the airline, French air traffic control has already been on strike for 13 days this year against the increase in the retirement age and three more days of strike will follow this week.


Ryanair calls on Ursula Von Der Leyen to protect passenger flights and keep EU airspace open during air traffic controller strikes. To reinforce the demand, society has a petition posted online. Once a million signatures have been collected, Ryanair wants to present them to President Ursula von der Leyen of the European Commission. 

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Ursula Von Der Leyen
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