Come and collect Easter eggs in Plopsaland De Panne and stay at the Plopsa Hotel!

Easter is traditionally the start of the amusement park season. This year it is again possible to enjoy an adventurous trip to the popular Plopsaland with the whole family. Traveling with children can sometimes be a challenge, but traveling by train makes this adventure a lot easier. Plopsaland De Panne is one theme park on the Belgian coast, built around the popular Studio 100 characters Samson & Gert, Kabouter Plop, Piet Piraat, Amika, Bumba and their friends.

Everything starts with good travel preparation. For a carefree trip, it is important to arrange a number of things in advance. Book your train tickets well in advance to ensure a seat and save on costs by taking advantage of group discounts. Also check the timetable on the website of the Dutch Railways (NS) or the Belgian NMBS, and take into account any delays or work.

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The Plopsa parks kick off the Easter holidays, traditionally the start of the amusement park season, with a whole series of Easter events. In Plopsaland De Panne, the pups from PAW Patrol and a real Ketnet Junior Easter egg turner provide the necessary atmosphere. Plopsa Coo will also reopen its doors on April 2, after extensive winter maintenance.

Plopsaland is located in De Panne, Belgium, near the French border. To get here, you first travel by train from the Netherlands to Antwerp, where you can transfer to a direct connection to De Panne. Depending on your starting point, this journey can take between 3 and 4,5 hours. The great advantage of traveling by train is that children have the space to move around and play, without the parents having to worry about traffic jams or parking problems. Moreover, the train journey itself is an adventure in itself, with beautiful views of the Dutch and Belgian landscapes.

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tips for the road

Here are some tips to make the train journey as pleasant as possible for the children. Bring a colorful backpack with favorite toys, crayons and coloring books to keep the kids busy. Provide enough food and drink, such as healthy snacks, sandwiches and bottled water. Make use of the train facilities, such as power outlets for charging electronics and on-board toilets. If possible, reserve seats in a quiet area of ​​the train to minimize any disturbance.

Once you have arrived in De Panne, you can take the coastal tram to Ostend, which has a stop in front of the entrance to the amusement park, but you don't really have to. De Panne station is within walking distance (300m) of the park entrance. This stops just before the entrance to Plopsaland.

about Plopsaland

Belgium's most visited amusement park has another gem: 'The Ride to Happiness by Tomorrowland', unique in Europe! Are you a real adrenaline seeker? Then take on the most unforgettable ride of your life in this enchanting extreme spinning coaster where you go upside down no less than 5 times. Unique in Europe! Or how about a fascinating boat trip on the adventurous DinoSplash, through a prehistoric landscape with lifelike dinosaurs. Fly from 0 to 90 km/h in just two seconds on a thrilling ride on the spectacular Anubis The Ride or hurtle along the rails of the wooden roller coaster Heidi The Ride at over 70 km/h.

The little ones are welcomed with open arms by their beloved heroes such as Samson & Marie, K3, Bumba and Maya de Bij and let off steam on more than 50 enchanting outdoor and indoor attractions. Go on a magical boat trip through the beautiful Bos van Plop and experience a dizzying ride in the K3 Roller Skater. The covered Mayaland, which will be open no less than 365 days a year from this year, will provide the necessary magic in bad weather!

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These are difficult times for Ukrainian children and their parents. To allow them to escape reality for one day, Ukrainian children up to the age of 14 who have fled their country are given free access to all Plopsa parks. Children and adults over 14 years old enjoy up to 40% discount on tickets.

The Plopsa Group supports many charities every year. The Plopsa parks are for everyone; also for families who are struggling financially. To enable them to enjoy a day at Plopsa as well, the Plopsa Group works together with Everyone Earns Holidays. This way, these families can enjoy the Plopsa parks with a 30% discount.

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