A total of 13 trucks in Venlo were checked and violations were found in 7.

During the last inspection, almost half of the trucks in the Benelux were found to be in violation. The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT), the Belgian Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport and the Luxembourg Customs and Excise Administration have carried out checks.

The services performed domestic inspections in Venlo (the Netherlands), Kruibeke and Lamain (Belgium) and Sterpenich (Luxembourg). The checks mainly focused on compliance with driving and rest times and the correct use of the tachograph. When 60 trucks were checked, 26 trucks were found to be in violation and a total of 41 violations were found.

Colleagues from the National Police Unit/Transport and Environmental Control and RDW also participated in the Dutch inspection in Venlo. This in the context of the MEG (Manipulation Expert Group) partnership, which is aimed at detecting tachograph manipulation. In addition to the above-mentioned checks, trucks were also subjected to a technical check. A total of 13 trucks were checked in Venlo; Violations were found in 7 cases.

European supervision

International cooperation brings greater unity in the supervision and enforcement of European legislation relating to the road transport of goods. The ILT has a pioneering role in this. Thanks to the joint checks, inspection services can share their knowledge of and experience with roadside checks and better coordinate procedures.

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