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As a self-employed taxi driver, easily converting between € 5k and € 10k per month is an outright lie.

As a working or job-seeker you can apply for a STAP budget of up to € 1.000 per year for training and development. The government has made it simple because you can use this subsidy for a training, course or education. The subsidy is called STAP, which stands for STimulering Arbeidsmarkt Position.

Companies advertise with seductive slogans that their training guarantees success in the labor market. However, it is best to inform yourself first and it is best to do this with people who are already working in that sector. They can tell you the real story and perhaps in many cases that nuances the great stories of marketers and cowboys.

"As a self-employed taxi driver, 'easy to convert between € 5k and € 10k per month' is an outright lie. There is nothing wrong with advertising your business, but this is pure deception. Unfortunately, many people do want to believe this kind of nonsense and start entrepreneurship completely unprepared with all its consequences."

With this striking tweet, Stef Key lets us know that the honest story looks a bit different. With the money from the STAP budget you can follow a training to become a taxi driver, but imagining unrealistic turnovers is a misrepresentation. The government considers it important that you, as a worker or jobseeker, can decide about your development during your career. This gives you more chances to keep your job or to find a new job.

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STAP budget

There are a number of conditions for applying for a STAP budget. For example, that you are 18 years or older and that you do not yet receive state pension. The training, course or education must also be in the STAP training register and must not have started at the time the STAP budget is requested. The application must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the start of the course. If the application is approved, the amount is paid to the trainer. UWV manages the applications and executes them.

The STAP budget is a new scheme for training and development. Until January 1, 2022, it was possible to deduct training costs from the income tax return. Since that date, this is no longer possible. 

The government wants to make education possible for a broad target group. That is why the STAP budget was introduced. Unlike the former tax deduction for training costs, people no longer have to advance an amount. This can be an advantage for people with lower incomes and for the elderly.

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