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Kok's penny must, as promised 30 years ago, finally be abolished.

The voice of the countryside, particularly voiced by party leader Caroline van der Plas, is catching on. A crushing victory for the BoerBurger Movement (BBB) in the provincial elections. Public transport for students, the over-65s and people with a minimum income should become free in rural areas if it is up to the BBB BoerBurgerBeweging. That was one of the major electoral themes of the BBB in rural policy to guarantee and promote quality of life in the regions. 


During the elections of Wednesday 15 March, the Netherlands made its voice heard during the Provincial States and Water Board elections during a maximum turnout. In addition to the Large Cities Policy, the gains made by the BBB will certainly lead to a rural policy to guarantee and promote the quality of life in the regions. More parties believe that the cabinet cannot ignore the result. Party leader Wopke Hoekstra described the result as "a landslide that we haven't seen in years" and "an extremely bitter pill". Lilian Marijnissen already suffered the fifth election defeat in a row as party leader of SP, but still drew hope from the fact that many voters voted against the cabinet's policy. 

The grandiose merger plans of the 'left cloud' do little with the voters. The coalition is now having an even tougher time in the Senate. Although VVD members point out that they also lost their majority four years ago. BBB leader Caroline van der Plas gave a speech to her supporters full of pride, disbelief and joy. “Normally people stay at home when they no longer trust politicians, but today they have shown that they do not want to stay at home anymore. They want to make their voices heard.”

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All nitrogen measures will be scrapped and no new measures will be introduced. As long as the agricultural sector remains under the nitrogen ceiling required by the EU, there is in principle no reason at all to restore nature through nitrogen measures costing billions.

According to BBB, current politics has not been able to make a sustainable and long-term vision for the development and preservation of the countryside, with all its unique characteristics, traditions, way of life, inhabitants and cultural landscape. Inhabitants of the countryside feel more and more alienated from the Hague rules that are devised by people who are too far removed from the countryside or the regions. You can already see it in some regions of the Netherlands: villages and centers are emptying out, bus lines are disappearing and mobility to travel to school or work is substandard. Not only problems for the older generation, but also for the younger generation. They are our future!

Charlotte van Gelder - BBB Utrecht

An important spearhead of BBB Utrecht for Charlotte is the accessibility of public transport and other basic facilities, specifically for wheelchair users. Through her work experience in healthcare and her mother who was in a wheelchair due to illness, she has learned to pay more attention to accessibility for wheelchair users. While walking with clients in a wheelchair, Charlotte van Gelder suddenly saw obstacles that you as someone who has good mobility do not see or notice. This includes bicycles and shop shelves on the sidewalk in the city centre, but also toilets in shops or catering establishments that are only accessible via stairs. 

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Photo BBB: Initiators BBB. From left to right: Wim Groot Koerkamp, ​​Caroline van der Plas, Henk Vermeer

BBB is an initiative of Caroline van der Plas, Wim Groot Koerkamp and Henk Vermeer and originated from #BoerBurgerTweet; a social media platform with roughly 20.000 followers on Facebook and 12.000 followers on Twitter. Caroline van der Plas' party also gets a firm finger in the pie in the Senate. The victories in the provinces logically have an effect on the Senate.

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