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The technical analysis showed that the level crossing functioned as it should.

The investigation results of the collision that took place at the end of last year between a train and a road sweeper at the level crossing N554 / Spoorstraat in Tienray are known. Unfortunately, the driver of the sweeper was killed. ProRail and the Infrastructure Department of the National Unit have completed the investigation into the cause of the collision and have concluded that it was a fatal accident.

The technical analysis performed by ProRail showed that the level crossing functioned as it should. Camera images have become available during the investigation that confirm this conclusion. ProRail and the police have been able to conclude from these images that there has been a fatal accident.

In the collision between the road sweeper and the train, the driver of the road sweeper was killed and the train derailed. Of the 35 passengers on the train, two suffered minor injuries. The driver of the train also suffered minor injuries. The damage to the infrastructure was extensive, but has since been repaired.

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