You can also pay for a parking space or a subscription for a guarded bicycle parking in stations with ecocheques.

The National Labor Council (NAR), the consultative body in which employers and employees are represented, decides which products and services you can pay for with ecocheques. Means of transport such as public transport, whether or not electric bicycles, etc. are also on the list where you can exchange the ecocheques.

This list is updated annually on 1 March to take into account new market developments, technological innovations or changed ecological insights. You can therefore also use public transport, excluding commuter subscriptions, or a coach or shared transport without a driver by paying with ecocheques.

You can also pay for a parking space or a subscription for a guarded bicycle parking in stations or city centers with ecocheques. In this way, the social partners hope to give a boost to the combination of public transport and cycling for commuting. Buying a bicycle or a ticket for public transport used to be possible with ecocheques.

what are eco vouchers?

If you work in the private sector, you may receive eco vouchers from your employer. The ecocheque is an extra-legal benefit, something you receive on top of your salary. There are no taxes or social charges to be paid. As a result, eco vouchers are less expensive for your employer and at the same time you save more net. As an employee, you can receive a maximum of 250 euros in eco vouchers per year.

The ecocheque is not a general or automatic entitlement. Whether you get ecocheques depends on what has been agreed in your business sector or your company via a collective labor agreement (CAO). If there is no collective agreement, the granting of ecocheques can also be arranged in your individual employment contract. In principle, Ecocheques remain valid for two years, which incidentally means that the last one issued paper ecocheques will remain valid until 31 December 2023.

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