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In the end, the jury chose Bas Bunge's bicycle, a real barrel where the rear tire has come loose and it was no longer possible to cycle on it.

'Swap your barrel for a Swapfiets membership' was the call of the brand before the winner was announced. An always working bike and safety first were the main spearheads to celebrate the opening of the newest Swap store on the Amsterdam Ceintuurbaan. A veritable jury – consisting of Esther Weijkamp from Amsterdam City Guide, who is also a proud Swapfiets Ambassador – Swapfiets General Manager Suzanne Berings and Freya Wood, from Swapfiets's Sustainability team, proclaimed Bas Bunge's bicycle the saddest barrel in Amsterdam. He wins a free six-month membership on a very special award: a gold-coloured Swapfiets Deluxe 7.

To celebrate the opening and to make a positive contribution to the quality of life in cities based on the mission, Swapfiets called for old, malfunctioning bicycles to be handed in and 'swapped' for a bicycle subscription. The call was well received, and the jury ultimately chose Bas Bunge's bicycle, a real barrel where the rear tire has come loose and which could no longer be cycled.

The other bicycles that can still be repaired will be donated to the Children's Bicycle Plan of the ANWB and Leergeld Amsterdam. The real barrels that can no longer be made are recycled by a local company. They turn it into new materials and parts. 

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The gold colored Swapfiets Deluxe 7.

The new store is the fourth and largest in the capital and is designed according to the Swapfiets experience concept: with lots of light and natural materials, focused on experience and 'mobility as a service'. Many swaps are done in the Amsterdamse Pijp and this store is located exactly between 2 existing stores (Bilderderdijkstraat and Roeterstraat), which makes accessibility even easier for members from this service area. Swapfiets celebrated its fifth anniversary in Amsterdam last November and this spacious store serves the growing number of members in the capital - over 60.000 - optimally. 

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With the opening of the fourth Amsterdam Swap store Swap bike a step to the future. The new store, which is larger than the other stores in the city, is open weekdays from 10.00am - 20.00pm, Saturdays from 10.00am - 17.00pm and Sundays from 12.00pm - 17.00pm.

Photo: Swapfiets Image Bank.

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