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It is and remains human work, which is so important. They do it together with a whole team but are indispensable.

Not one planner, but two planners! Planner Bill Ackema and Robin Bakker, assistant planner at SnelleVliet Touringcars, were put in the limelight. Together they ensure that the drivers of the greenest and nicest bus company in the Netherlands SnelleVliet Touringcars know exactly every day which assignments have to be driven for which customer with which type of coach.

On the first Friday of March you can lend a hand by putting your planners in the spotlight with a bunch of flowers or coffee and cake during the break. Planners ensure efficient planning of assignments on a daily basis and they know that too Fast Vliet Coaches to appreciate. Everything runs efficiently and digitally with, fortunately, still enough room for human contact. Because it is and remains human work, which is so important!

day planner

At many companies, the planners were once again put in the spotlight this year. At Ichthus College in Kampen, all attention was focused on Brenda, who works incredibly hard to provide the school with the best possible schedule. They have every respect for that and they would like to let her know that. Saskia, who works at the Flevoziekenhuis in Almere, receives a lot of appreciation from colleagues and Dennis, who works at OK Oliecentrale in Breda, is a whopper for his colleagues. Van Kooten Reizen wanted to put Bert in the spotlight in appreciation of his busy work as a planner and spider in the web. These are just a few examples of how to give appreciation to planners, regardless of the sector they work in.

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Not a public holiday, but an excellent opportunity to show appreciation and gratitude to all planners. They often work together with a whole team, but they make sure that everything runs smoothly. They are often responsible for scheduling many tens of thousands of assignments per day.
Especially in these times of unprecedented personnel shortages, a good planner is vital for organizations. Without them, the schedules go completely wrong and the trains don't run, the mechanics don't show up to do the repairs and the trucks don't get to the right destination at the right time.

De day planner takes place every year on the first Friday in March. The day was created by Pitane Mobility, which knows from the logistics sector how essential the profession is. However, the day is not specifically about employees in the transport sector, but also about those in healthcare, education, the police, the events sector, the hospitality industry, in short, everything you can think of.

Photo: SnelleVliet Touringcars
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