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There is a lot on the agenda of the Royal Dutch Transport (KNV) in the coming period.

Last Monday, Carlo Cahn, director of Royal Dutch Transport (KNV) and Jantine Vochteloo, secretary KNV Care Transport and Taxi, were guests at Censys BV in Eindhoven, where they were received by the director of the Eindhoven software company Gerrit Saey.

There is a lot on the agenda for the Royal Dutch Transport (KNV) in the coming period. The WP2000 evaluation, the developments surrounding the on-board computer taxi (BCT), the sustainability of coach transport and the developments in public transport and new MaaS mobility concepts. In short, there was plenty of material for discussion, mainly discussing challenges that the sector is facing. Of course also ample attention for a look back at the years of presence of the Eindhoven Censys BV as the oldest (1994) ICT service provider within the sector in market. The company has been an extraordinary member of the trade association KNV for many years and is active within, among other things, the MaaS lab and the TOMP workgroup.


KNV represents both the collective and individual interests of its members. As a trade association, KNV is constantly involved in public and private consultation structures. Through this continuous active participation knows KNV effectively represent the interests of its sectors and makes an important substantive contribution to mobility issues at both national and international level. Good contacts with politicians and the civil service are of great importance in this respect. In order to further optimally represent the interests of members, KNV works closely with national and international interest groups, such as the employers' organization VNO-NCW, the IRU and UITP.

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Carlo Cahno

Carlo Cahn succeeded Hubert Andela in 2021 as director of the Royal Dutch Transport Association (KNV). Cahn has been working at KNV since September 2013 as secretary of the Dutch Bus Transport Association. Before joining KNV, Cahn, who trained as a lawyer, worked for various trade associations such as Transport and Logistics Netherlands and the security sector.

Jantine Vochtloo

In the same year, Jantine Vochteloo became secretary at KNV Care Transport and Taxi. She has been working at KNV Zorgtransport en Taxi since 2008 and has managed several files as a policy advisor. Jantine knows all facets of healthcare transport and the taxi world down to the last detail. Her experience ranges from concluding collective labor agreements to quality policy in the entry level market.

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